Embracing generative AI opportunities with Box AI and NVIDIA microservices

Recent trends have showcased a remarkable surge in generative AI technologies. From ChatGPT’s explosive growth, to enterprises worldwide deploying new AI solutions, the industry is witnessing an unprecedented shift toward leveraging these new advanced…

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Benefits of collaborative workspaces

Ever wondered what sets high-performing teams apart from the rest? It’s collaboration. With collaborative digital workspaces, ideas flow freely, teamwork is second nature, and innovation is the norm. You increase productivity and build stronger bonds…

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Document audit trail: Top business use cases

Imagine a scenario where important documents go missing, you can’t trace edits, or sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Consequences can range from compliance violations and financial losses, to operational disruptions and damaged…

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How to foster healthcare collaboration

A patient’s health journey often involves multiple specialists, and fragmented communication or lack of shared data might lead to missed diagnoses, delayed treatment, and even medication errors. Effective healthcare collaboration ensures a more…

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Benefits of cloud storage in healthcare

Using cloud storage, healthcare organizations store, manage, and access patient data from anywhere with an internet connection. You facilitate collaboration among care teams and enhance data security and compliance with regulatory requirements, while…

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3 ways to boost content creation with Box AI

Teams today spend an inordinate amount of time on repetitive tasks that could get done in seconds with AI. With the right solution, your organization can gain a competitive edge and empower users to work smarter and produce quality content at high speed…

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Electronic signature software: A buyer’s guide

Having an efficient and secure way to collect electronic signatures enables teams to hire faster, expedite sales deals, and streamline contract approvals.

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The Content Threat Landscape

In our last post, we covered how the nature of content was evolving across its entire lifecycle due to the explosion of AI-powered tools, and steps that needed to be taken to securely capitalize on the increased content velocity that has emerged as a…

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A guide to remote work enablement

Remote work isn’t just about handing out laptops and calling it a day. You need to empower your team with the right tools, support, and culture, no matter where they are.

Benefits of virtual brainstorming tools
Benefits of virtual brainstorming tools

With teams no longer confined to the four walls of a meeting room, why limit brainstorming with markers and whiteboards? After all, two-thirds of decision-makers say a distributed remote workforce will be more common in the future than teams working from…

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Key steps to a successful enterprise AI strategy

A well thought-out artificial intelligence (AI) strategy can help you go beyond just embracing the latest technology trends and use AI in a way that aligns with your business goals.

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Making a Difference Together: Box's Volunteer Time Off Benefit

At Box, creating positive change in the world has always been a top priority. Our mission is to power how the world works together, and that extends to everything we do at We believe that by combining our products, our people, and our passion,…

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How to empower your team with visual collaboration tools

Teams today are globally dispersed. Real-time visual collaboration tools can help bridge the gap between remote and hybrid work — and change the way your people communicate, brainstorm, and bring ideas to fruition.