Box Consulting Portfolio
Transform your business with the all-new Box Consulting portfolio

The way the world works is shifting — again. To remain competitive, organizations need to adapt to an entirely new way of working, one that’s hybrid, connected, and people-first. To help organizations accomplish this, I’m pleased to announce the all-new…

New tools for a new way of working together
Content Cloud Summit 2022: New tools for the new ways we're working together

Now that organizations — and, in many ways, the whole world — are opening back up in person, work and life look a whole lot different. The last couple years accelerated the move toward a digital workplace, a transition that had slowly been building for…

Unleash your creativity with Canvas
Unleash your creativity with Box Canvas

Sketching a new product design. Capturing ideas in a rainbow of sticky notes. Mapping out user flows, business processes, or marketing campaigns. These are the most creative and exciting moments in business — the moments that lead to innovation,…

Let's talk about workflows: Easy ways to prevent bottlenecks
Let's talk about workflows: Easy ways to prevent bottlenecks

Bottlenecks in any process can cost your organization time and money. Blockers never seem to be the big, obvious things, but rather the small administrative and bureaucratic tasks that hold everything up until they’re completed.

Box for Slack
Collaborate seamlessly with the Box for Slack integration

Over the past two years, a lot has changed about how, when, and where we work – but content has remained at the forefront of all we do. Box’s comprehensive ecosystem of over 1,500 integrations encourages organizations to get their work done however they…

Box for Microsoft Teams
Use Box as your Content Cloud for Microsoft Teams

At Box, our vision is to create a single content platform that is deeply integrated with every other enterprise software tool – so that no matter where work gets done, you can manage it all in one place. Building integrations across Microsoft 365 helps…

Put your best (agile) foot forward with Box Mobile
Put your best (agile) foot forward with Box Mobile

Work is no longer somewhere we go, rather it’s something we do. And, for this next phase of work, we need flexible, digital-first tools that allow us to collaborate with teammates either remotely or in-person, create simultaneously or asynchronously, and…

Box Sign Momentum
Fueling Box Sign momentum with new capabilities and integrations

Thousands of organizations — from small businesses to large multinational companies — have adopted Box Sign since its global rollout in November. With unlimited, native signatures in the Box web app, our Box Sign customers digitized their paper-based…

Enterprise Reporting
4 reasons to include Box in your 2022 enterprise reporting strategy

We recently announced a bunch of ways that reporting in the Content Cloud got even smarter. Keeping tabs on what, why, and how users are doing things in Box is half the battle of being a proactive admin. And we're not saying you can solve all your…

Box Sign
E-signatures unleashed: Box Sign now available worldwide

We’re excited to share that we have completed the global rollout of Box Sign — building on the initial release of Box Sign to U.S. and Canadian customers in October. As of today, all Box Business and Enterprise customers worldwide have access to…

Box & Slack
Coming soon: Share content seamlessly with the Box for Slack integration

Content exists at the core of all businesses processes. With over 1,500 integrations, Box's ecosystem of diverse apps help teams work smarter by delivering a single content layer across all their apps. We're proud of our partnership with Slack, as we've…

Get a more secure, seamless Box Drive experience across Macs
Get a more secure, seamless Box Drive experience across Macs

Box Drive is the perfect solution for users that want to work with their Box files directly from their desktop. It enables users to open, edit, and create Box files directly from their device, and have the content save automatically to the cloud.

4 ways digital nomads use Box
4 ways digital nomads use Box

We’re all digital nomads these days. Interacting with content nonstop, and sharing it with colleagues, friends, and family — in business and in life. Keeping all your content together and in reach in Box ensures you not only keep work secure, but also…

Collaboration and integrations
Stop, collaborate, and listen: New ways to work with the Content Cloud

We hear it all the time: collaboration, productivity, security, mobility — everything about the way people work together is changing. Since Box was founded in 2005, we've anticipated and advocated for more flexible, digital ways of working. Now, that…

Box and Microsoft
Leveling up productivity with Box and Microsoft 365

With the increasing need to support hybrid work across distributed teams, enterprises need to have connected, integrated solutions that help them get work done from anywhere, on any device, across all their apps. That’s why Box integrates with over 1,500…

Security and Compliance
Malware has met its match: Introducing ML-based malware detection

We built Box Shield to help our customers combat and minimize these risks. Shield Smart Access helps organizations classify content at scale and put policies in place to prevent accidental data leaks. Shield Threat Detection helps security teams identify…

Box and Salesforce
Empower your sales teams with Box for Salesforce

With over 1,500 integrations, Box connects your business applications to critical content by integrating with all the applications you need to get work done. Box for Salesforce is one of our most popular integrations. This integration delivers an…

Bring flexible workflows to your users, teams and applications
Bring flexible workflows to your users, teams and applications

Organizations are always on the lookout for new ways to gain the edge on their competition, especially when it comes to streamlining operations and improving productivity. But when you’re faced with productivity challenges, you need a technology partner…

Watermarking: The smarter way to protect your files

Product specs. Offer letters. Investor presentations. When you’re sharing sensitive content, you need a secure, frictionless way to do so. With watermarking, you can rest assured that what happens in Box, stays in Box.

Box App for Zoom
Secure content collaboration with the Box app for Zoom

In today's ever-changing business environment, enterprises continue to rely on technologies, like Box and Zoom, to power employee collaboration. Building on our partnership with Zoom, today we're excited to announce the launch of our Box app for Zoom to…