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Benefits of collaborative workspaces

Ever wondered what sets high-performing teams apart from the rest? It’s collaboration. With collaborative digital workspaces, ideas flow freely, teamwork is second nature, and innovation is the norm. You increase productivity and build stronger bonds…

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Document audit trail: Top business use cases

Imagine a scenario where important documents go missing, you can’t trace edits, or sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Consequences can range from compliance violations and financial losses, to operational disruptions and damaged…

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How to foster healthcare collaboration

A patient’s health journey often involves multiple specialists, and fragmented communication or lack of shared data might lead to missed diagnoses, delayed treatment, and even medication errors. Effective healthcare collaboration ensures a more…

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Benefits of cloud storage in healthcare

Using cloud storage, healthcare organizations store, manage, and access patient data from anywhere with an internet connection. You facilitate collaboration among care teams and enhance data security and compliance with regulatory requirements, while…

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Electronic signature software: A buyer’s guide

Having an efficient and secure way to collect electronic signatures enables teams to hire faster, expedite sales deals, and streamline contract approvals.

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A guide to remote work enablement

Remote work isn’t just about handing out laptops and calling it a day. You need to empower your team with the right tools, support, and culture, no matter where they are.

Benefits of virtual brainstorming tools
Benefits of virtual brainstorming tools

With teams no longer confined to the four walls of a meeting room, why limit brainstorming with markers and whiteboards? After all, two-thirds of decision-makers say a distributed remote workforce will be more common in the future than teams working from…

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Key steps to a successful enterprise AI strategy

A well thought-out artificial intelligence (AI) strategy can help you go beyond just embracing the latest technology trends and use AI in a way that aligns with your business goals.

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How to empower your team with visual collaboration tools

Teams today are globally dispersed. Real-time visual collaboration tools can help bridge the gap between remote and hybrid work — and change the way your people communicate, brainstorm, and bring ideas to fruition.

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Data leakage prevention best practices for collaborative teams

Collaboration thrives on information exchange. But with documents, emails, and files flying back and forth between team members, there’s an increased risk of sensitive data accidentally or maliciously getting into the wrong hands.

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How to use AI for business

As the AI revolution unfolds, the question is no longer whether to embrace artificial intelligence. It’s how to use AI to unlock the full potential of content within your business. That’s why enterprises today are focused on building a business AI…

Top enterprise-grade features of secure collaboration
Top enterprise-grade features of secure collaboration tools

Your team relies on collaboration tools to work together and complete projects faster. However, the very tools that enable teamwork introduce risks if not properly secured.

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How to get executive buy-in for enterprise content management tools

You’re convinced that a cloud-based document storage solution is the next step to boost efficiency and collaboration. However, you still need leadership buy-in to sign off on the budget and resources.

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The best automated workflows for your content review process

Whether it’s a contract you need to get signed or an invoice requiring validation, the content review process often requires continuous back-and-forth communication between stakeholders to address questions, provide clarifications, and get approvals.

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Guide to government cloud storage

A government CIO bears the responsibility of modernizing the infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes. With the push for government digital transformation and…

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Why you need to implement document version control

Whether you work in the marketing team or look after your company’s finances, sharing documents within and across teams is key to ensuring collaboration and accuracy. When different team members co-edit files, however, versions can multiply like bunnies.

Digital file management best practices
Digital file management best practices

Navigating disorganized folders and files is time-consuming and counterproductive. In fact, 58% of US office workers report that finding files and documents is one of the top problems they face.

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Navigating the cloud security threat landscape

As corporate reliance on cloud storage grows, so does the concern with its evolving threat landscape. With 80% of organizations storing sensitive data in the cloud, it’s no surprise that the cloud is a prime target for cyberattackers.

7 Ways to Boost Collaboration and Eliminate Organizational Silos
7 ways to boost collaboration and eliminate organizational silos

Making the most of your data can be challenging when it’s isolated and fragmented in silos. Organizational silos can negatively impact your company’s profitability, culture, innovation potential, and budget. Content silos lead to a breakdown in…

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How to get started with enterprise workflow automation

No matter the size of your operation, you need efficient workflows to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and enhance business outcomes. But when you’re dealing with the complexity and scale of enterprises, workflow automation becomes…