How Box powers storytelling across Europe

What do hit shows like The Crown, Trying, and Doctor Who all have in common — besides amassing awards and loyal, dedicated fan bases? All three (and many more) were created in the UK by European-based production companies and television networks, and now they’re captivating audiences around the world.

And it doesn’t stop at fiction. Reality TV shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and Wipeout have seen international success through global franchises, tailoring them to worldwide audiences. Between 2020 and 2021, the top 50 UK film and TV companies saw turnover rise by 15.4% to £8.1bn, as an insatiable demand for content drove growth in UK studios. More ways than ever to consume content, coupled with growth in streaming subscribers and services, has made seamless collaboration between European entities and counterparts in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand critical.

As highlighted in PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook Perspectives Report, M&E is growing more rapidly than the global economy as a whole. With each passing year, more people are spending more time, attention and money on increasingly immersive M&E experiences. Greater consumer demand for VOD content during the pandemic also prompted many Box customers and partners to launch their own streaming services.

To make the most of this new golden era of content creation and to continue to entertain global audiences, M&E companies rely heavily on technology to help bring creative ideas to life — and to produce and secure content from inception to delivery. Growth across streaming services means companies need to protect both content and subscribers from data leaks. After all, whether you’re talking talent agreements, scripts, production specs, or marketing assets, M&E runs on content.

At Box, we partner with top studios in Europe and understand your industry’s needs when it comes to security, collaboration, and productivity. And we’re delighted to share our three best practices for powering and securing your M&E content:

1. Protect your content with frictionless security and compliance

A survey by British security company Sophos found that the M&E industry has become a prime target and faces the greatest number cybersecurity threats. Nearly 60% of organizations have reported ransomware attacks. Phishing remains the most common, but ransomware and malware are also on the rise. At Box, we’re protecting content with built-in, deep learning-based malware detection in Box Shield, so our customers discover and contain the spread of malware before it becomes a data breach or a significant loss to business continuity. Box Shield customers benefit from malware detection on active files — files that are uploaded, shared, previewed, downloaded, or otherwise acted on — which reduces the risk of ransomware and other malware attacks.

But threat detection is only half of the story. We’ve enhanced Shield Smart Access to give customers more ways to manage classification. Box Shield allows users to automatically classify sensitive data and helps identify regulated data and proprietary information (when content is uploaded, shared, previewed, edited, and downloaded). Users can prevent leaks without sacrificing productivity, with controls placed close to their content. The result is that you keep data secure without slowing down mission-critical work.

2. Empower your people with streamlined, anytime-anywhere collaboration and workflows

To ensure teams are productive from anywhere in an increasingly hybrid world, we offer an enhanced Box Mobile app with new features like intelligent Capture Mode. Upload photos, audio, or videos directly to Box, and file metadata will auto-populate. Plus, with built-in optical character recognition (OCR), teams can scan documents on set or in the studio, and instantly convert them into searchable PDFs.

Our all-new Box Notes powers an even broader range of collaboration activities, including virtual writer rooms, pre-production (and production) operations. Capture ideas in real time and edit concepts with enhanced table features, in-line collaborator cursors, an automated table of contents, anchor links, and more. And coming soon, Box Notes will include capabilities to power rich, high-value content creation with rich embeds and code blocks.

Last year we launched Box Sign, our new, natively integrated e-signature solution delivering unlimited e-signatures via the web application. Our robust set of Sign APIs enables customers to integrate Box Sign into their custom applications.

3. Integrate all your business applications seamlessly

New enhancements to our Box for Slack integration empower you to make Box as your default content layer in Slack, so any file shared in Slack gets seamlessly stored and managed in the Content Cloud. Similarly, the Box app for Zoom lets users directly access Box from within Zoom to provide a more seamless experience between the two platforms.

Our integration with Dolby makes production-quality audio as simple as uploading a file to Box. Our seamless and cost-effective audio enhancement tools leverage Dolby’s decades of expertise and best-in-class entertainment experiences, and you’ll find it all the Content Cloud.

And we’re just getting started. While the growing opportunities in European media and entertainment are unprecedented — so too are the threats.

Box helps M&E companies move to more secure, collaborative and productive ways of working — and at the center of these opportunities is your content. Explore the Content Cloud for M&E here.