Box Platform takeaways from BoxWorks 2019

This year at BoxWorks, we heard from so many customers about how they are leveraging the power of our platform across their enterprise. Banks, manufacturers, retailers, and healthcare organizations are integrating more and more of their business processes with Box, simplifying content management across 3rd party and custom applications in an effort to modernize how they do business in a digital first world. Box Works 2019 featured a number of announcements, sessions, panels and workshops covering everything from "Getting started with the Box API" to "Customizing integrations on Box". Let's take a quick look at some of the key highlights and takeaways from this year's BoxWorks. 

Simplifying development on Box


Empowering enterprises and development teams to do more with Box means supporting their development journey as they ask questions such as “How can The Box Platform address my needs?" , "How do I ramp up and get started?" and "How do I build and manage my apps?" To help developers with discovery, we previewed a brand new update to our developer documentation site with improved search and content, in page API explorer as well as automatic translation for international support. As developers ramp up, we're making it even easier for them to onboard with dedicated sandbox environments and brand new approval flows to accelerate time to production. Finally as developers build, and deploy apps, we're ensuring that they have the best tools available. Thats why we announced the new mobile SDK for iOS built from the ground up with developers in mind. 

Integrating with best-of-breed applications


Customers are increasingly leveraging Box to integrate with 3rd party systems and move content across the enterprise in a programmatic way. Earlier this year we shared that Oracle and Box are teaming up to allow customers to connect their cloud and on-premises Oracle and third-party applications with Box via Oracle Integration. This will simplify content management for content-driven business processes that run on Oracle Line-of-Business applications including PeopleSoft and Oracle ERP.

In addition BoxWorks this year featured a number of panels and breakout sessions that showcased how Salesforce continues to play a critical role in powering customer centric business processes. As Salesforce becomes the system of engagement for many enterprises. Customers are increasingly integrating Box and Salesforce in customized ways. This includes embedding content experiences within salesforce as part of key business process such as on-boarding, case management and project collaboration. These processes also extend beyond the organizational boundaries though Salesforce Communities with Box acting as the content layer for seamless internal and external collaboration. 

Securing the flow of content


With business managing more data than ever before, securing the flow of content is critical. Customers are looking to simplify access and policy controls around sensitive content, allowing businesses to work and collaborate securely. At BoxWorks this year we announced Box Shield to reduce risk and protect the flow of information without slowing down your business. Customers can also automate how content is classified via the Box API and with Box Shield, specify which 3rd party or custom applications can download sensitive content from Box.

In addition, the Box trust ecosystem powered by the platform, is enabling more and more customers to secure their content by plugging into their existing security investments. At BoxWorks we shared that Splunk is building a brand new integration with Box to streamline reporting, identify early signs of leakage and automate response actions directly in Box. Combined with a trusted set of eDiscovery and records management partners, Customers now have a secure platform for application development that protects the flow of valuable information in and out of your organization.

If you couldn't join us at BoxWorks 2019, catch us virtually! Check out our on demand Box Virtual Summit to dive deeper into these topics, hear from more customers and simplify how you build on Box!

Thanks for reading!