Developer sandbox management for Box admins

More than 175,000 developers today are building applications and custom integrations with Box to power their critical business processes. This puts the responsibility on Box admins to ensure that development within their enterprise is done in a safe and secure manner. Admins, for example, might want visibility into who is developing on Box or the ability to manage sanctioned environments for developers within their enterprise.

Developer Sandboxes

That's why today we're excited to introduce developer sandbox management for Box admins. This new feature provides Box administrators with a sanctioned and traceable way to create, track, and delete sandbox environments, where developers can build and test applications.  With sandbox management, Box administrators now have the power to centrally and independently manage development environments for their organization, enabling greater efficiency and access to do custom development on Box.

Developer sandbox management is incredibly easy to get started. Check out our Box Community article for more information on how Box admins can get started. At Box, we're continuing to simplify the developer experience so you can focus on building amazing experiences for your customers. 

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