What's new in Box Shield: Setting the pace for intelligent content security

Since Box Shield was released last October, we've seen many customers start to use our new capabilities to protect their most valuable content. From a financial services company monitoring for threats to client data, to a premier sports league classifying and securing player health and injury reports that contain PHI.

One thing we've learned from some of the most successful organizations is that today, more than ever - security is a team sport. Where security operations teams are defending against threats, IT leaders are rolling out well-defined data classification policies, and employees are empowered to make smart, secure choices while getting their work done.

That's why we're rapidly making improvements to Box Shield - to make it easy for your security team, IT, and employees to all do their part in safeguarding your business content. For security teams, the new Box Shield Add-on for Splunk, as well as enhancements to the Shield dashboard, will make it easier to identify and evaluate potential threats. And new classification features help your end users apply and adhere to the policies defined by IT.

Empowering security with visibility and intelligent detection

The new Box Shield Add-on for Splunk helps your security operations team more effectively identify and respond to suspicious activity. By adding Shield's alerts and events to Splunk, your security team gains a new level of depth into activity and access patterns in Box. From Splunk, analysts can easily evaluate Shield alerts alongside data from other applications, and launch directly into the Shield alert page in Box for more detail. 

Shield and Splunk

We've also made enhancements to the Shield dashboard - providing an easy visual summary and snapshot of Shield alerts. Shield admins and security analysts can see the distribution of alerts by priority, by rule type, and top users, and hone in quickly on the most critical alerts.

Shield dashboard

Empowering the business to classify content at scale

Box Shield also empowers employees to classify their business content appropriately. With automated classification with Box Relay, users can now set up workflows that apply a selected classification automatically as part of a repeatable process. For example, you may have a client onboarding workflow where every file uploaded contains sensitive data. You can now have Box classify these files automatically, so they are immediately protected by access controls in Shield, preventing leaks and costly mistakes.

Automated Classification

Finally, we've also improved the end-user classification experience to help users understand the policies and controls that will be enforced when classifying a file or folder. This helps ensure users choose the right classification, and increases awareness of your security policies throughout the organization.

Simplified End User Classification

For over 15 years, Box has powered a safer way to work, providing frictionless security and compliance for some of the most regulated and security-conscious organizations. And when it comes to Box Shield, we're just getting started. Stay tuned for more to come!

To learn more about Shield, check out our Community page or request a demo.