Box Shield is now available!

Box Shield

In August, we unveiled Box Shield to help our customers reduce risk and prevent data breaches through a set of native security controls and intelligent threat detection. We are excited to share that today, Box Shield is generally available!

Organizations across various industries, including financial services, life sciences, and governmental agencies, use Box to collaborate on sensitive content. Over the past two years, we've heard growing concerns from countless customers about potential leakage of sensitive data due to negligent or malicious user behavior from within their organizations. They need a solution designed to provide real-time data leakage prevention in the cloud without creating a lot of friction for end users in the extended enterprise, including external business partners. That’s why we built Box Shield - to completely reimagine content security in the cloud. 

How is this different from other security offerings for enterprises today?

First, we're leveraging machine learning and contextual information about an enterprise to deliver adaptive content controls and anomaly detection capabilities. Second, we're placing security controls where they matter most – right around the content. This cloud-native architecture is vastly different than any offering out there today and enables inline data leakage prevention while delivering a frictionless user experience. For example, when your employee accidentally invites external users to a confidential folder, Shield can prevent that natively in Box.

Box Shield

Box Shield is a simple solution to a complex problem that helps both end users and IT to:

  • Classify critical content: Whether you’re dealing with PII, patient healthcare data, or confidential HR and finance documents, Box Shield lets you classify files and folders your way: manually or automatically. These labels, which are visible within Box, help educate teams about your company’s security policies.
  • Prevent data leaks, drive productivity: Box Shield allows you to place security controls close to your content, preventing leaks in real-time while powering a simple, frictionless experience for your employees. Admins can define granular access policies per label that combine multiple controls, such as restricting shared links, external collaboration, downloads, and more.
  • Empower security teams with intelligent detection: Box Shield also helps customers detect abnormal and potentially malicious behavior from internal and external threats. Powered by Box’s machine learning and deep understanding of how people collaborate on Box, Box Shield brings you timely, accurate alerts on anomalous downloads, access from suspicious locations, and suspicious sessions. 
Box Shield

Our early beta customers say Box Shield has helped meet the security and compliance needs across industries - from a medical device company needing to protect clinical trial data containing PHI, to a government agency adhering to federal standards, to a global humanitarian organization ensuring private information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

"We need to be extremely careful with our beneficiaries' information. If a data leak occurs, people can get injured. With Box Shield, we can roll out a very well thought out strategy for data classification and policies. Shield is going to give us greater telemetry on user behavior in Box, and better protect our data while enabling a great user experience." - JT Jacoby, CISO at International Rescue Committee

Integrated with your cloud security portfolio

Box Shield works with the best-of-breed security tools you already have in place. Its contextual alerts, which contain more actionable insights than ever before, can be integrated with your current SIEM and CASB solutions for monitoring and further analysis. At BoxWorks, we announced an expanded partnership with Splunk to power automated threat detection and response, helping companies more efficiently monitor Box Shield alerts and gain deeper visibility into content access patterns.

Here's what IDC had to say about our recent BoxWorks announcements:

"The additions made, especially with Box Shield, are designed to connect people to content while creating a customizable layer of security and governance – without impacting productivity.... this is different than an integrated (or non-integrated "bolt-on" solution) that often slows down access and actions to files and is often more complicated for the user." (1)

This is just the beginning, and we couldn't be more excited for what's to come. To learn more, check out our Shield Community page, join us at our Virtual Summit on Nov 6 for a deep dive, or ask your account team about Box Shield as part of our Box Enterprise Suites.

(1) Source: IDC Link - Box Focused on Taking the Work out of Work, October 2019

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