What is LearnFest: How Box enables learning & development

The Importance of Development 

Learning and development is one of the most impactful things a company can do to invest in their employees. At Box, we've developed a global learning program, LearnFest, that invests in exactly that - our Boxers and their growth! LearnFest is a worldwide program we offer Boxers three times a year with protected time for all to invest in their personal and professional development. With Professional and Manager paths, we've positioned employee engagement, community, and retention efforts at the front of our learning initiatives.

Tiffany Stevenson

What is LearnFest?

LearnFest was born in 2019 as a program designed for our Boxers' development. A question the Talent Success team often asks when developing training for this program is, "how might we ensure the democratization of learning through a program like this?" Democratizing learning is key to ensuring all rising leaders have the opportunity to shine. In fact, this past year, we expanded additional key manager trainings to our Japan office, ensuring the content was translated, localized, and digestible for learners to get the most out of our live and self paced offerings. 

The program itself provides Boxers with a range of different skill learning opportunities like emotional intelligence, situational leadership, employment law for new managers, overcoming bias training, to name a few. Additionally, LearnFest is a way in which we as a company live into our core values! Within the program itself, you'll find various trainings that range from leadership development, project management, and so on. You'll find a Make Mom Proud training that focuses on teaching Boxers how to respond to and ensure the spaces we share are safe for all to bring their ____ self to work. Be Candid and Assume Good Intent is another offering which lives into one of our most cherished values of providing regular, ongoing, and impactful feedback to one another. The thing that makes our program unique is how intertwined it is to our business processes and our Career Framework model, a framework design with Boxers career levels and development steps they can take to be successful at Box. Each of our classes are directly connected to our four leader mindsets: business, teams, self, and community; guiding mindsets that were designed to help Boxers navigate their careers here at Box.

Learning and Development Zoom

At Box, we are deeply invested in our Boxers' growth and development. I am thankful to our Talent Success team for designing development opportunities with all aspects of the business in mind to ensure learning truly is and remains democratized at Box. 

If you'd like to learn how we transition LearnFest from a once in-person program to fully virtual, please visit our case studyhere