Overheard: BoxWorks 2019 Day 1

If you aren't in San Francisco with us at BoxWorks 2019, or following the event via the live-stream and Twitter, we want to make sure you're up to date on highlights from Day 1 of the event. From Aaron's opening keynote with IBM CEO & President Ginni Rometty, to a keynote from award-winning writer and director Ryan Coogler, today was action packed with unforgettable moments. 

Here's a look at some of top quotes we overheard at BoxWorks Day 1: 

"To really change a company, you have to change how work is done."

Ginni Rometty, CEO & President, IBM

Aaron Levie and Ginni Rometty

Box and IBM have collaborated for over four years to create solutions that help businesses advance their digital transformation journeys. Today we expanded our partnership with IBM including a new integration between with the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan and plans to integrate IBM X-Force and IBM QRadar with Box Shield. These new collaborations build on the work IBM and Box are already doing and help companies worldwide tap into all the benefits of the cloud while ensuring security, performance, and control.

“Machine learning shouldn’t be in your face. It should be baked into the experience itself.”

Tim Tully, SVP & CTO, Splunk

Tim Tully and Jeetu Patel

The keynote also featured a new integration with Splunk to link Box Shield with Splunk's security and compliance capabilities. Together, our solution will help customers mitigate risk and improve compliance. Powered by machine learning, Box Shield ensures frictionless security in the cloud. 

"90% of content approvals today happen over email."

Varun Parmar, Box

Box Relay

An essential component to simplifying work is clean, efficient workflows. Our workflow solution, Box Relay, allows users to create simple, intuitive workflows without help from IT to ensure that complex processes can keep up with the pace of business. Today, we announced advanced features to Box Relay, including rejection routing, mobile approval and rejection and exportable activity history to make working on the go easier than ever.

"Box integrates with 1,400+ applications, and we've continued to make sure that we have an open system, open API, and open mindset."

Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer, Box

Box and Adobe

A major challenge businesses face today with cloud content is that its siloed across various cloud applications. This is why integration is a key priority for us at Box, to ensure that we are the standard system of record for content management. Today, we are excited to continue our integration journey and announce an expanded partnership with Adobe to enable users to edit and collaborate on PDFs directly from Box, eliminating version control issues and further streamlining document approval processes.

"There aren't as many costumes."

Ryan Coogler, Award Winning Writer and Director

Ryan Coogler

That was Ryan Coogler, award winning writer and director of Black Panther, Creed and Fruitvale Station, commenting on how he usually speaks at events like Comic Con. BoxWorks Day 1 ended with a showstopping keynote where Ryan sat down with Aaron to discuss his beginnings as a screenwriter, his experience writing and directing Black Panther, and everything in between.

If you weren't able to join us today, be sure to tune into the BoxWorks 2019 live-stream to catch the Day 2 keynote!