The all-new Box Relay is now available!

We've been working hard to bring you a better way to automate processes in Box, and we are excited to share that it is now here! 

For the first time ever, enterprises have a single content management platform to drive team collaboration and streamline processes across the extended enterprise. Productivity and workflow tools usually fall on the extreme ends of the "how work gets done" spectrum: they're either designed for ad-hoc collaboration or for rigid processes. Yet in today's agile business, teams need both — a way to collaborate in real time, while also automating the manual work that's done every day.

Box Relay

And that's why we are excited to announce that the all-new Relay is now generally available. Rebuilt from the ground-up, it automates the collaborative, repetitive processes and streamlines time-intensive processes often managed via email. Our beta customers - Zurich, Herbalife, the City of Boston, and Heidrick & Struggles, to name a few -  have been testing Box Relay to automate internal marketing approvals, streamline the recruiting and on-boarding process, automating the routing and approval of incoming invoices, and many more.  Here are just a few abridged examples of processes we've seen built with Relay:

Box Relay

With Box Relay, you can simplify workflow to drive better, faster results at scale. We’re doing this in 5 key ways:

  1. Making workflow self-serve - Instead of a complicated modeler, Box Relay has a no-code user interface that enables users to easily set up their own workflows. Relay empowers users to automate their processes and allows IT to manage more important work.
  2. Supporting a wide range of processes - With a powerful’ if this then that’ (IFTTT) workflow engine, Relay  supports various multi-step processes, including sequential and parallel workflows. Conditional logic provides users the ability to route content based on any metadata field
  3. Streamlining external collaboration - Customers, vendors or partners can automatically be assigned tasks,  so the process does not break down when content flows across or between organizations.
  4. Visibility and control - More easily track progress in a single dashboard, where you can view the entire workflow history and download an exportable audit history. Manage  access by electing which users can build Relay workflows, ensuring control of your business processes.
  5. Tightly integrated into Box - Relay inherits all the benefits of the Box Cloud Content Management platform, including advanced security and compliance, rich Box Platform APIs, pre-built productivity integrations like O365 and Docusign, as well as user friendly collaboration features.

Join us tomorrow at 10 am PT during the Virtual Summit for a conversation and demo to learn how Relay is being used to streamline the outbound communication process within Box's own marketing team.

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