Data protection, governance and compliance with IBM | Box

Box and IBM

Businesses today are managing more data than ever before, making it imperative they have effective data protection. For more than four years, the IBM | Box partnership has focused on helping companies worldwide tap into all the benefits of the cloud while ensuring security, performance, and control. Today, we're excited to announced several new and extended integrations that focus on data protection, governance and compliance.

Box Cloud Content Management+ IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

First, we are introducing a new integration between Box and the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan that will help our customers quickly and easily determine content areas with a high concentration of sensitive information, reducing the time to remediation and meet audit compliance requirements. Here's why. For cloud data sources, indexing latency can make it technically impossible to keep up with the growth, scale and the time limitations it takes to maintain compliance and keep up with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The new Box and InstaScan integration will allow businesses to combine statistical sampling with unstructured data management for cloud data sources, greatly reducing the time it takes to meet regulatory compliance readiness. 

The integration will:

  • Quickly and easily determine areas of highly concentrated sensitive information as well as areas that are free of highly sensitive information
  • Provide increased visibility into what types of sensitive data are most prevalent and help recommend and prioritize data clean up activities

Box Cloud Content Management + IBM Security 

Box and IBM also announced plans to integrate IBM X-Force and IBM QRadar with Box Shield. Built natively into Box, Box Shield helps prevent data leakage, detects potential access misuse, and proactively identifies relevant threats. 

Together, Box Shield and IBM X-Force will provide advanced threat intelligence, event reporting and enhanced insights; Box Shield and IBM QRadar will enable faster threat detection and improve investigation and response of security incidents.

In addition, IBM Cloud Identity will enable secure and frustration-free access to Box with the combination of single sign-on, password-less authentication and adaptive access, which enhances businesses' Zero Trust security posture.

These new collaborations build on the work IBM and Box are already doing to provide solutions to address data residency obligations across multiple geographies with Box Zones, advanced AI and automation capabilities with Box Platform and Skills, and the ability to leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage for customer infrastructure needs. 

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