National Volunteer Week: Celebrating Boxers making an impact in their communities

National Volunteer Week

One of our values at Box is to Make Mom Proud. Whether it is a customer, a teammate, a partner, it’s on us, as Boxers, to do right by one another. This extends far beyond the walls and (Zoom rooms) at Box, which is why Boxers are given dedicated time off each year volunteer in their local communities, also known as VTO. For all of the reasons above, we were excited to learn that the Biden-Harris Administration has declared April 18 through April 24, 2021, as National Volunteer Week.

To celebrate, we’re encouraging Boxers around the world to use their VTO and we’re also taking this opportunity to highlight Boxers who go above and beyond to give back to their local communities year-round.

Jade McQueen: VP of Media & Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Jade has been volunteering with the Hollywood Food Coalition every Sunday afternoon since 2016. The mission of the Hollywood Food Coalition is to feed and serve the immediate needs of the hungry every night of the year so they can build better lives. Before COVID-19, Jade worked in the kitchen, helping to prepare and cooks meals using ingredients from local food donations. Over the last year, she’s helped distribute over 300 pre-made lunch bags a week to food insecure and homeless individuals around Hollywood. As an immigrant, Jade is inspired to give back because she remembers the kindness of strangers when she first moved to California.

“Affecting change starts with your immediate community. Volunteering is a small, but impactful step we can all take to help create a thriving environment where everyone is given an opportunity to succeed and feel supported” – Jade McQueen

Dani Schuchman: Product Support Manager, London, England

Dani and his family volunteer each week at Give it Forward Today (GIFT). They are tasked with packing bags with food, and toiletries for those less fortunate in their community. After being hospitalized because of COVID-19, Dani saw firsthand how devastating this virus can be. In 2020 alone, 200,000 people in London have had to rely on foodbanks to put food on the table because of salary reductions, and illness. GIFT also partners with hospitals and care homes to provide care packages to show gratitude to those on the frontlines and those in isolation. GIFT was doing work that was important and Dani and his family wanted to do their part.

“My wife and I are fortunate because of the education we received, the professions that we work in and the family that we have. We want to instill in our children that whatever you would want done for yourself, you should do for others.” – Dani Schuchman

Kacie Winsor Carlson: Senior Customer Success Manager, Raleigh, North Carolina

Kacie volunteers with a number of organizations in her community, but she is incredibly passionate about working with the Boys and Girls Club. Most recently, Kacie helped coordinate a Boxer volunteer event as part of our Global Impact Day. She has also provided support and mentorship to the incredible young people who live in Wake County, NC. When COVID-19 hit, the organization had to pivot fast to support remote learning. From coordinating laptop donations to providing Wi-Fi access to providing food items and other essential items, the organization is doing its part to support the needs of the moment.

“Volunteering is a social responsibility and pact that we all owe each other. We all have talents, passions, and skills that are meant for lifting other people up. When we do so, we learn more about others, and ourselves in that process. We become better humans, and maybe even a little more patient, compassionate, empathetic, and understanding of situations we might not otherwise be exposed to. And maybe for the person on the receiving end of our time and commitment, they become inspired to do the same for someone else. I firmly believe kindness is contagious!” – Kacie Winsor Carlson

Dorota Sakwerda-Chrobak: Senior Customer Success Manager, London, England 

Dorota and other Boxers in EMEA volunteer weekly through TutorMate, supporting literacy in London’s primary schools. Each week, Dorota meets one-on-one with a 5-year-old girl who has fallen behind in reading. Early prevention and confidence building prevent the children from falling further behind their peers and helps build a foundation where children can develop a love of learning.

“I have been so fortunate, so it’s only fair that I do my best to incorporate small efforts into my daily life to give back to my local community.” – Dorota Sakwerda-Chrobak

We are proud of all our Boxers who take the time to give back to their local communities week after week! Learn how we’re powering how the world does more good together with here.

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