My #LifeatBox, as told by a Box Intern

My #LifeatBox, as told by a Box Intern

It’s Box internship season, and I for one have been thrilled to be a part of this year’s class! The Box internship program provides an exciting opportunity for students across the world to build community, while making a significant impact on company products and business initiatives. Interns, for instance, have been supporting Boxers with projects including the launch of Box Sign, planning for BoxWorks, and more! For 12 weeks, we lead projects and take on exciting new challenges, while also enjoying every aspect of #LifeatBox. And just like last year, Box interns are working remotely to ensure their health and safety is a top priority during the pandemic. From workshops to social events, Box provides interns with an equally engaging experience that will support their personal and professional growth, wherever they are.

This year, Box welcomed 42 new virtual interns, its biggest intern class yet! From our first day to the end of our internship, we gain valuable hands-on experience by working directly with our teams on programs that impact the internal and external areas of the business. Interns are also encouraged to connect with other teams and leaders to further expand their career network and interests. Box also recognizes that Zoom fatigue is real, so they’ve shaped this year’s internship to meet the unique needs of a fully virtual intern class.  

“My team is incredibly small, but people are just incredibly supportive and helpful, even outside of my team! I’ve had a lot of cross-team meetings, and everybody has been willing to be a resource. Being here at Box, there’s so much you can get your hands on and participate in.” -Don Carter, Communities & Impact Intern

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Here’s how Box is continuing to support us interns to ensure a positive internship experience, even in a remote setting:

Reimagining internship programming

The last year and a half has forced companies around the world to reimagine what work and company culture looks like in a fully remote setting. To ensure that we experience what Box culture is all about, Box has been intentional with its interns by curating online events to suit our needs and interests. For example, our live virtual ‘Lunch and Learn’ workshop series helps Box interns practice their soft skills while learning in a fun, interactive environment. 

Being virtual shouldn’t discourage participation and growth, and Box strives to apply this ongoing principle throughout our internship. The company has been more mindful of intern screen time and workload to ensure we can Get stuff done (GSD) without being overwhelmed. Interns and Boxers alike are encouraged and given time to walk away from their screens, so that we can indulge in activities that aren’t tied to our computers. In order to perform at our best, we must be respectful, considerate, and always assume good intent, and our online internship is no different. Virtual social activities, such as cooking classes and magic shows, also ensure that we have space to bond more with each other despite being in different locations. These activities not only help us students in the internship program expand our social network at Box, but also let us explore new hobbies and interests that we might not have considered before! 

“Through Box’s community and culture, I have always felt a warm welcome. I’ve enjoyed every single one of my weekly team meeting syncs. It’s a great way to catch up with my team and see how everyone is doing. I recently was able to go into the San Francisco office (which reopened to limited capacity on July 14) and meet some Boxers in-person. That just put a bow on top of the entire experience. The office has a lot to offer, and it’s awesome!” -Diana Gonzales, Sales Intern

Encouraging ongoing communication and collaboration 

Working remotely can be intimidating for employees at any level, so Box actively recommends that interns and their teammates keep lines of communication open and casual. This means that us interns have increased accessibility to our teams, Box leaders, and other interns at all times. 

Box has also set up more online communication channels, like Slack and Zoom, to facilitate a stronger connection between us and our teams. With Slack groups like #Pelotoners, #BoxerDogs, and #Interns-2021, we’re provided the space to make meaningful connections with Boxers who have similar interests. Through a simple message or calendar invite, interns can set up a one-on-one meeting with a full-time Boxer to discuss anything ranging from projects, questions, or even just to chat! 

Interns are also paired with both a Box mentor and buddy as additional guides to help us navigate our #LifeatBox. Box’s goal is to create a sense of belonging and keep all lines of communication open throughout the summer, so interns can get the support we need, whenever we need it. By establishing these different communication forms, Box strives to show interns that we aren’t alone during our virtual internship. 

“Box has made a conscious effort to make sure we all feel included. Slack has been the main way that I communicate with everyone. People use GIFs and emojis to make it more interactive. I think those are really fun, especially when getting to know more people in your organization!” -Christina Gutierrez, Performance Marketing Intern

Although we all wish we could bring our entire community together in-person, I am nonetheless excited to witness the amazing things that my fellow interns will accomplish here at Box. Internships are an important stepping stone in students’ professional journeys, and I’m glad to have chosen Box to help me take that next step. I hope to learn and grow more from this experience going forward, and, more importantly, I hope that our intern class will make the most of our #LifeatBox!