Momentum - Women's History Month at Box

Throughout Women's History Month at Box, Momentum was our theme as women and allies of Box continued to #PressForProgress. This year's Momentum kicked off with a panel discussion on authenticity and inclusion with Box leaders CMO Carrie Palin, COO Stephanie Carullo, and Chief People Officer Christy Lake. From raw personal experiences to empowering anecdotes, here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments from the conversation.

Diversity of ideas and perspectives is an important part of a healthy and productive work environment.

“Create an environment that allows that authenticity to show up.”

“The more you bring your inner voice to play, the richer the discussion is. No matter your perspective, conversation is made better for it.”

Carrie Palin shared an early experience at IBM where she was met with praise for sharing her perspective: “Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and add diversity.”

Sharing your inner thoughts and opinions isn’t easy for everyone.

“Sometimes you need to give people a nudge, because if you pay enough attention and read individuals, encouragement can go a long way.”

“You have to get to know your team - ask them about their interests. Make sure to have a welcoming environment and you’re allowing people to speak. Work is an interpersonal sport and you have to value, support people, be vulnerable and allow the push back. Role model the environment you want to have.”

“I believe that people have a professional love language and everybody is unique and different. Take time to get to know people on your team and peers. If you can get that right and show that you care it goes a long way.”

Follow the voice that lets you be your most authentic self.

Stephanie Carullo made the decision to leave a high-power job but has no regrets: “If I hadn’t followed my voice, I would’ve stayed there for all of the wrong reasons. You have to trust yourself, you have to trust your instincts.”

At the end of the day, it is about empowering yourself and a community. Here are some actionable things you can do today:

“Be the owner of our environment. Live your internal voice, if you see something say something. Know that nobody is going to make something better. Find your inside voice, find ways to speak up.”

“Always know that your inner voice comes from a good place. It’s good to do things in the moment and have the courage to call things out.”

“Walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes, and take a minute to learn about others who are different than yourself.”

The Box Women’s Network was founded on four core principles: to connect, educate, inspire and advocate for women at Box. We are an organization committed to empowering women by fostering a sense of inclusion and community across Box, as well as promoting the professional and personal development of women and our allies, regardless of gender identity. Learn more about Box Women’s Network here.