Intern Spotlight: Meet Shakeah Mitchell, Enhanced Support Intern at Box

Intern Spotlight

It’s Box internship season, and we’re so excited to be joined by university students from all over the globe! Interns at Box are encouraged and empowered to drive their own projects, ask questions, come up with solutions and own the results. To give you a closer look, we’re featuring a Q&A with one of our current Box interns, Shakeah Mitchell! 

First things first, tell us about yourself!

My name is Shakeah Mitchell, and I’m a “non-traditional” senior at Augusta University. I’m considered a non-traditional student because I already have a degree in biology. While pursuing my degree, I went into the Navy. In the Navy, I worked with a lot of technical people involved with cryptology and cybersecurity. After watching what they did, I thought it was awesome! So, I decided to go back to school to study cybersecurity. That is my major right now! 

How did you hear about Box, and why did you decide to intern here?

I was introduced to Box because our school has an account with Box! That’s how I got to know more about the Content Cloud, and I also found job descriptions for Box on Handshake and I wanted to see what it was about. So I applied, and Box’s recruiting team reached out to me for an interview. That’s how I got here today! I ultimately decided to intern here because of Box’s culture and commitment to diversity. In tech, there’s generally not a lot of representation for minority communities. So to be able to see people that look like me who are in advanced positions made me appreciate Box’s culture even more. 

What has been your favorite experience during Box’s internship so far?

All the events that the recruiting team has thrown for us interns have been really cool! I also love how Boxers are willing to bring us in and teach us how things work at Box. You’re able to learn so much here, and I like that. Box is filled with people who are willing to help you grow not only within the company, but externally and personally as well. 

Can you tell us more about your position, and what the Enhanced Support team is responsible for?

I’m an Enhanced Support Intern, and my team is responsible for taking care of premier customers. We’re here to help enterprise admins enhance their experience with Box’s products and services, whether it be helping them with a technical issue or something else. We provide customer service at a 10x level! 

What types of summer projects are you working on, and what have you learned so far?

Right now, I’m working on creating a portal for premier customers. I’ve recently suggested we create a Box ticket tracker to alleviate the confusion of having a digital back-and-forth interaction with a customer. I actually got the idea from Domino’s online pizza tracker! So instead of having to go through a back-and-forth for a ticket request, customers could just login to their portal and see their ticket status with this tracker. This saves them time from having to speak with our support team, and our team can focus on other tasks at the same time. This saves all parties time, while enhancing the customer experience!  

How have you stayed engaged with your Enhanced Support team, even as a remote intern?

I’ve mostly stayed engaged through Slack and Zoom, since I can hop onto a call with my team and show them what I’m working on at any time. We can also share our screens with each other, which has helped me learn how to use applications that my team uses daily. I’ve also really loved the intern social events. I was recently a guest practicing public speaking for Box Toastmasters! These events have made it easier for me to grow closer to both my team and the other interns. 

What advice would you give future interns?

I would say that with Box, nothing is off limits. As an intern, we might get discouraged by self-negating thoughts, but that’s just because sometimes it’s ourselves that prevent us from moving forward. Interns should not be afraid to put themselves out there, but they should ask questions and be ready to fail multiple times! That’s the only way to get better and grow. So jump in, get out there and challenge yourself!

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