Content Cloud Summit 2024: Smart new ways to curate, structure, and secure your content

The world is at a pivotal moment: AI is poised to transform everything about how we work. The evolution of AI over the last year has been remarkable, and organizations large and small are figuring out how they will incorporate this transformative technology into their business. And nowhere is this transformative technology going to make a bigger impact than in managing your unstructured data (also known as your content).

At the 2024 Content Cloud Summit, we explored the rapidly changing world of AI, and shared some exciting ways that organizations can — today — bring AI to their unstructured data.

The big news at Box:

  • Box Hubs (now in beta!): An easy new way to create content portals and use Box AI for Hubs to query across multiple, curated files
  • Box AI: Introducing intelligent metadata extraction (coming soon), along with the Box AI API now in beta
  • Security enhancements: A look at our upcoming CrowdStrike partnership, as well as highlighting new features in Box Shield and Box Governance
Get insights across your curated content with Box Hubs

Many teams spend too much time looking for files, and endlessly searching for information shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s job description.

Box Hubs empowers everyone with an easy way to create content portals and find the files they need in one central place. Our biggest announcement at Content Cloud Summit, Box Hubs has reimagined the way content gets curated, organized, and published by breaking it free from folder hierarchies so, whether you’ve got 500 or 5,000 documents, you can put the right content into the hands of the right viewers when they need it.

And, when you combine Box Hubs with AI, it gets even better. With Box AI for Hubs, you can ask questions across a set of data that you’ve compiled and organized. For instance, imagine asking Box AI to help craft a product pitch tailored to a new prospect’s pain points directly from your sales Hub. Or, imagine empowering employees with a self-service HR portal where they can use Box AI to ask questions and get answers about policies or benefits (instead of having to ask their HR rep).

With Box Hubs now in beta, administrators can enable it right from their Admin Console. Small tiger teams all the way to entire organizations can now easily whip up a workspace: one secure place where all your people can find content, where collaborators can come together, and — here’s the real clincher — where you can put Box AI to good use. And speaking of AI, here’s the second big headline from Content Cloud Summit 2024.

Box AI automates business processes and can be extended to your entire technology stack 

The possibilities for automation are huge within content management, and Box AI exponentially increases those possibilities. Metadata is key to that effort, helping you structure your unstructured data. 

But historically, applying metadata to that data at scale has been nearly impossible. Too much content, too little time. Generative AI can fix that problem: introducing the Box AI for Metadata API, coming soon to the Content Cloud.

This exciting new feature will allow you to read and understand hundreds of types of documents, automatically pull out the relevant metadata, populate into metadata fields, and present to the user to verify. Imagine the amount of time this will save by no longer needing to manually fill this in for dozens of files every day. 

Plenty of Box customers are already transforming their workflows in beta with Box AI, including Riverpoint Capital, which accelerates loan processing by automatically creating a case in Salesforce and extracting key metadata from submitted documents.

In addition, the Box AI API is currently in beta and will give you the ability to easily bring AI to your custom applications. We’ve also brought Box AI to the Content Preview UI Element; that way your users can access the Box UI directly within your custom applications. And if you want to get a taste of how the Box AI API works, you and your developers can explore demos with sample prompts and responses with the Box AI Dev Zone.

Additionally, Content Cloud Summit covered how we’re bringing AI into the apps you use every day. With the new Box for Microsoft Copilot, save time and gain insights on all your Box content right from Teams. We’re also bringing Box AI to Slack so you can query your content directly within your Slack channels and threads. And last but certainly not least, Box AI is now part of Box’s new embedded interface, making it available across Salesforce, NetSuite, and more.

With Box AI, you have the opportunity to make your content even smarter in the Content Cloud. Plus, built on our AI principles, you can leverage a secure and flexible architecture that gives you peace of mind while helping teams get more done.

Innovations and advancements in content security 

Finally, the security of your data has never been more important. Bad actors continue to wreak havoc, with data breaches costing organizations millions and compromising the personal information of countless people.

Box has built a security and governance platform that’s deeply integrated with content, enabling you to protect and govern your content from the moment it's created until it's finally archived. Last year, Box deep scanned over 1B files via Box Shield, detecting nearly 500K malicious files to protect our customers. 

At Cloud Content Summit, we welcomed Jeff Capone, VP of Data Protection at CrowdStrike, in conversation with Manoj Asnani, Vice President of Security and Compliance Products at Box. CrowdStrike and Box have partnered to extend protection beyond the cloud and into our customers’ endpoints devices by integrating Box Shield with CrowdStrike’s industry-leading Falcon platform.

In the last year, Box has also added new security and governance features, such as:

  • New automated response actions within Box Shield, turning detection rules into automatic protection, blocking access immediately, and reducing the gap between detection and remediation
  • New disposition reports that provide deeper visibility into end-of-lifecycle content and help prevent the unintentional loss of important files
  • Streamlining content governance by enabling organizations to automatically apply retention policies to content based on classification

The security segment of Cloud Content Summit also touched on several Box customers like AstraZeneca, which streamlined records management thanks to Box’s ability to support compliance with HIPAA and internal standards, and Morgan Stanley, who saw investing in Box as an investment in security at scale. Regardless of industry, content security is essential, and Box continues to build the tools and products designed to meet the needs of enterprise organizations.

Everything you need in the Content Cloud

Box aims to solve your biggest business challenges with instant insights, secure intelligent portals, and streamlined workflows powered by metadata — plus AI technology that’s extensible across your business apps. There was a lot more to Cloud Content Summit, including the stories of other customers doing their best work with Box. To experience the entire event, watch Content Cloud Summit on demand.

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