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Content fuels your business, but are your team’s valuable resources easy to find, access, and understand? The amount of data organizations produce is growing exponentially, and it’s housed across a multitude of apps, creating content silos that make it difficult to locate business-critical information. Often, users struggle as they search for core information to do their work, and admins work hours upon hours to set up or update complex information sites. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Box Hubs beta — a new way to surface trusted content to your users faster. Box Hubs is our new intelligent portal solution that makes content curation and publishing simple, no matter the file type or folder (or where it resides). With Box Hubs, we’ve reimagined the way content is collected, organized, and distributed by breaking it free from folder hierarchies. That way, whether you’ve got 500 or 5000 documents, you can put the right content into the hands of the right viewers (from a small tiger teams, to your entire organization) when they need it. 

Hubs Interface

And, because Box Hubs brings content together with context in a single organized location, everything is easy to find, navigate, and understand. Collaboration and connection across teams happens seamlessly, and users can track down the content they need faster — with a better understanding of its importance and value.

When it comes to simplifying content discovery, Box Hubs allows users to:

  • Access their available Hubs via the new Box Hubs gallery, so teams find what they need without having to sift through folders
  • Leverage robust search functionality within specific Hubs to find the information they need faster
  • Securely share Hubs with internal and external stakeholders, so everyone stays aligned on the same content

And there’s more: Announcing Box AI for Hubs!

We’re also introducing Box AI for Hubs in beta: With Box AI built right into your enterprise portals, your teams can unlock the value stored across vast amounts of enterprise data. While viewers are in a Box Hub, they can get answers to critical questions across multiple, curated documents; automatically summarize vast amounts of information; compare specific files; and effortlessly create new content based on Hub content — all in seconds. 

“AI can automate tasks, make finding the appropriate information less time-consuming, and increase productivity,” said Mel Brue, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “Still, AI should be about more than productivity. It should elevate human ingenuity. When companies focus on AI tools that help employees work smarter, they free up space for the unique value that only humans bring — creativity, strategic thinking, and the ability to build meaningful connections. Box Hubs can simplify information discovery, collaboration, and more efficient knowledge sharing for a better employee experience. With tools like Box AI handling routine tasks, humans no longer waste mental energy on mundane work. They can apply critical thinking and complex strategic approaches to what matters.”

Hubs Search

Getting started with Box Hubs is easy

Create a Hub with the click of a button, and quickly provide a new entry point into source-of-truth content. With easy-to-use portals, you making information-sharing across working teams, departments, or all of your organization effortless. 

  • Create a Hub without any IT or coding: Use configurable imagery and descriptive text to provide context on your Hub’s purpose
  • Build easy-to-understand content playlists: Your content is referenced, not relocated, so you can add the same file to multiple Hubs
  • Save and publish: Securely share with a few key stakeholders, or your entire organization, so everyone is aligned on the same content
  • Unleash supercharged discoverability: With Box AI for Hubs, you can ask questions and get instant insights across all files in your Hub

With Box Hubs, the possibilities are endless

Whenever you need to orient collaborators or a team around source-of-truth content, there’s an opportunity to use Box Hubs. Get everyone on this same page with:

  • Human resource sites that keep all employees up to date on company policies and benefit resources
  • Sales enablement portals where account teams can access pitch decks, data sheets, and personas instantly 
  • Asset management Hubs that keep teams and agencies aligned while strengthening company brand recognition
  • Project portals where hybrid teams can seamlessly engage and collaborate on the next big product or initiative 
  • Team and department sites where colleagues can share information and access templates, policies, and procedures
  • Onboarding Hubs that get new vendors up to speed quickly with information, processes, and contracts

Again, we’re so excited to release Box Hubs in beta. And, we hope this new way to curate and publish content will help you surface great content to your teams more efficiently, while providing them with tools to extract even more insight and value from that data.

The Box Hubs beta is available to customers within our Enterprise plan and above, while Box AI for Hubs* is available to Enterprise Plus customers. Both can be enabled from the Admin Console. Check out our upcoming webinar to get tips and tricks on how to set up and use Box Hubs in your organization.

*Box Enterprise Plus customers receive 20 AI queries per user per month with 2,000 additional monthly company-level AI queries included. Box will not enforce query allocation limits during Box AI for Hubs beta. Box's Fair Use Policy and rate limits apply.

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