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The way the world works has changed drastically over the last 6 months. With more than two-thirds of employees in the U.S. now working remotely, the office in the new normal can be anywhere. This new way to work relies on secure collaboration across organizations, devices, and applications. At Box, our vision has always been to provide a central source of truth for content in the cloud. Tomorrow, at our first ever BoxWorks Digital, we are building on this vision with new product innovation that will help you bring content and business processes together in a single platform -- enabling work to be done securely from anywhere, any device, and any application.

Protecting the flow of data

Box Shield, our breakthrough security solution for protecting content in the cloud, is designed to limit accidental data leakage by helping users avoid mistakes and risky behaviors with company data, as well as to provide threat detection to security teams. Powered by advanced machine learning, Box Shield is the company’s fastest growing product ever.

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Earlier this year, we added both native malware detection and intelligent, automated classification to Box Shield. Shield is now restricting approximately 400,000 accidental shares every day, and over the last 90 days alone, Shield has analyzed more than two billion files for known threats and classified over 50 million files. 

At BoxWorks, we will be announcing new updates to Shield that make it easier to allow end user exceptions to Shield policies with business justifications as well as new admin controls to fine tune alerts by defining exemptions for IP, users, apps, and domains. These new controls improve security without impacting productivity. 

In addition, Box Shield continues to expand our best-of-breed approach. Recently we announced an integration with Microsoft Information Protection ( MIP ) where Microsoft classification embedded in office files can be automatically extracted and applied as classification in Box. At BoxWorks, we will also announce a partnership with IBM where customers can enable security operations team to collect and triage Shield alerts within IBM's QRadar security analytics solution.

As a pioneer in compliance in the cloud, Box provides businesses with a central place to meet their industry-specific compliance requirements. Box already supports rigorous compliance standards like FINRA and GDPR. At BoxWorks, we will be announcing FedRamp High certification and expanding our GxP validation offering for federal and life sciences customers respectively. 

In addition to helping you track data and meet compliance standards, we're also adding event-based retention to our content lifecycle management toolset. This enables retention and disposition of files for a configurable amount of time based on a business event. You will be able to set a schedule for disposition of files after a client account is closed, for example, or when a contract expires or an employee departs.

More intuitive, collaborative and automated

With the All New Box, we are empowering teams be more efficient by making their work more intuitive, collaborative, and automated.

Earlier this year, we introduced Annotations, which allows individuals to provide feedback while previewing content such as images, PDFs, and slide decks directly in the Box web app. This intuitive feature makes giving and receiving feedback easy, allowing for contextually relevant comments to be visible right on the document. 

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To simplify collaboration across distributed teams on any device, we will be adding support for Annotations on mobile devices (both phone and tablet) as well as support for Apple Pencil.

Mobile users will receive push notifications when Annotations are made, and for iPhone/iPad users they will see Annotations alerts in the mobile notification center. With Apple Pencil, you can leave Annotations as free-form mark ups, drawings, or as handwritten notes that can be converted to typed text in the comments threads automatically with Apple Scribble. No need to switch back and forth to the keyboard; it can all be done free-hand with Apple Pencil.

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Our no-code content workflow solution, Box Relay, automates everyday processes like digital asset reviews, work order approvals, regulatory reporting approvals, and grant reviews. Recently, we introduced a library of pre-built workflow templates that helps teams create workflows for their most common business processes. At BoxWorks, we will be announcing custom workflow templates that process owners can now create and publish for their enterprise, simplifying roll-out and standardizing business processes using workflow best practices.

We're also opening up Box workflows to external systems with new APIs. This allows you to power cross-system business processes by connecting content workflows within Box to third party applications like Salesforce or ServiceNow, as well as to your own custom apps.

Unified content experiences across your apps

Businesses continue to invest in best-of-breed technology, with the average number of applications used by enterprises increasing to 88. Box integrates with over 1,500 applications, including Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Okta, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Suite, serving as the single source of truth to centralize content. 

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Earlier this year, Box rebuilt its integration with Teams to make it easy for users to find, share, and access Box content from within Teams. At BoxWorks, we will be announcing new enhancements to the Microsoft Teams experience. You can choose a Box folder to be synced automatically with a Teams channels, instantly grant access to Box files from within Teams, and receive Box notifications related to content activity in Teams. 

Our integration ecosystem is ever evolving and we’re also announcing updates from a few key partner platforms, including Cisco Webex, ServiceNow, and DocuSign. Stay tuned for more details on these in the coming year. With these updates, we continue to invest in our partners and support a best-of-breed IT approach.

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At BoxWorks, we will also be announcing a completely redesigned App Gallery that makes it easier for admins to discover and enable integrations with the applications they use every day. A more functional layout within the Box web experience will allow admins to manage apps that integrate with Box while centralizing content in one secure place. 

Finally, with our open platform, you can also build your own integrations with Box using our APIs, extending the power of Box to your business apps. At BoxWorks, we will be announcing a number of new tools that help you with your development journey on the Box platform. This includes an updated developer console, deeper integration with our developer docs, pre-configured apps for popular use cases and finally a new set of API monitoring tools to troubleshoot app development. 

We've shared a lot here, but there's even more excitement ahead. Be sure to tune into BoxWorks tomorrow, 9/17, and follow #BoxWorks on Twitter!

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