Annotations for seamless feedback and review – now available

Annotations for seamless feedback and review

"What email were her comments in?” "Was that slide 2 or 20 that he wanted me to rework?” "I don’t have the app, so how should I leave comments on this PDF?"

Today’s feedback and review process can be overly complex and inefficient. Feedback is dispersed across emails and other chat tools. Comments are not in-line, and it’s unclear which sentence or image they are even referring to. On top of all of that, to leave comments, reviewers need to be able to open the specific application the file was created in. 

All of this leads to confusion, a less efficient process, and ultimately, slow-moving deliverables. And now, with many working from anywhere and working at different times, the friction with collaboration is felt even more.  

At Box, we've been working hard to bring you a better way to give feedback and review content - and it’s here!

With annotations, you will be able to:

  • Easily review content by highlighting and leaving text comments directly within file preview on web
  • Mention fellow collaborators so that they are notified of review comments
  • Annotate key documents such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF and AutoCAD and the most-used image formats such as JPEG, PNG, AI and PSD

From Marketing collaborating on the next creative campaign to Operations iterating on vendor contracts, teams can use annotations to pinpoint specific areas for feedback - all with the enterprise-grade security and compliance of Box. With new clarity given to the review workflow, productivity will be boosted, miscommunication can be avoided, and work gets done faster!

Annotations is available today for all Box customers. Learn more​ about how the All-New-Box can help you unleash your best work.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on annotations, including mobile support, and annotations for additional file types. 

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