Simplify content migration with Box Shuttle

Box Shuttle

We all know business is less efficient when content is fragmented across different systems of record, productivity tools, and physical paper. More and more, organizations are working to centralize all of their content into Box – and using Box Shuttle to do so.  

Box Shuttle, part of the Box Consulting technology practice, provides content migration services, and has been the migration tool of choice for over 7,000 customers. Since 2016, over 1.3 petabytes of data have been moved into Box via Box Shuttle – the equivalent of over 650 billion pages of typed text, or 130 years’ worth of data from the Hubble telescope. 

No matter the size, industry, or region of the project, Box Shuttle has supported hundreds of digital migrations from countless sources – including on-premises home drives, shadow IT tools, and legacy ECM. Our methodology focuses on not only building great content experiences, but also driving adoption of your new program through change management and training.

Today, we’re excited to announce new Box Shuttle capabilities that will help customers streamline system consolidation, reduce migration time, and bring entire business processes into Box more simply than ever.  

Move off of paper processes 

Paper is the last vestige of the “old way” of working. Yet, organizations across industries and regions still rely heavily on paper – largely because processes that have always been on paper tend to stay on paper. But paper is inherently inefficient and requires physical exchange, whether in-person or via mail. It’s also less secure and can be completely lost to natural disasters, employee carelessness, or even a light breeze. 

With Box Shuttle, go from paper to digital, and leave manual processes in the past. Leverage Box Shuttle – and our scanning partners – to bring your content into Box, even if your teams are working from home today. We’ll use OCR and metadata tagging to make it “smarter” than it was on paper, and help you design new business processes that make work, work.  

Ditch legacy ECM faster than ever 

Box Shuttle has been helping customers migrate off of legacy ECM for years. Now, more customers than ever are looking to leverage cloud solutions to advance their businesses – and leave behind outdated, expensive tools. So, we revamped our approach to legacy ECM migration.   

With Box Shuttle, get off of legacy ECM easily – no custom coding or complex data transformation required. Rely on Box Consulting to do the heavy lifting – we’ll run the technical migration and advise on your new business process framework. Don’t sweat your existing governance settings and complex workflows, we’ll get those too.  

Drive adoption of your new digital system 

Change management and training is a critical part of any migration – it doesn’t matter how much better your new platform is if user behavior doesn’t change. Without an effective change management strategy, you risk dissatisfaction, shadow IT, and increased risk.  

Change management has always been a part of the Box Shuttle methodology, but now we’re taking a more proactive approach. We’ve increased our focus on business engagement – ensuring that the organizations who are migrating are actively involved in the migration. We’ll help build excitement for your new platform early to drive better adoption later on. 

Centralizing content has never been this easy 

As businesses all over the world adjust to the new normal, the business imperative to centralize content and reduce friction has never been more urgent. Take the worry out of your content migration roadmap and work with Box Shuttle to plan, migrate, and train your organization on the future of work. Contact us at, or talk to your account team today.