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Box customers are relentlessly imaginative: from transforming patent processes at a century-old manufacturer, to reinventing city operations in the Town of Cary, to reacting to an urgent mandate for secure remote work at, well, all organizations. Box customers are constantly innovating on their businesses and discovering new ways to transform their organizations with cloud content management. 

Creating the vision of your future state is an absolute necessity for any organization – but it’s just the first step. To achieve their goals, Box customers of all sizes, industries and regions rely on the expertise of the professional services team inside of Box. 

Box is better with Box Consulting

Cloud content management is like fitness: Just like you can't go to the gym once and automatically be fit, you also can't deploy Box once and automatically achieve cloud content management. Plus, as your business needs evolve, so must your content management strategy. With Box Consulting, you'll find a strategic partner, a tactical teammate, and the skillsets you need to make your vision a reality.  

How do we drive results? By offering expert services across three critical areas, Box Consulting pushes customers to achieve success faster. Every Box customer needs to always be hyper-focused on implementation, technology, and adoption projects to ensure they meet - and exceed – their cloud content management goals. 

Your implementation is stronger with Box Consulting 

Successful content management starts with a solid, scalable, and secure foundation. Box Consulting’s implementation services focus on critical topics like information architecture, content security and retention, and business process automation. Our implementation experts partner with you to iterate and evolve your Box strategy to meet your changing business needs, and keep you in line with your vision. With Box Consulting, advance your content management strategy with intention. 

Your technology stack is simpler with Box Consulting 

Successful content management surfaces the right content when and where it's needed - and Box Consulting's technology team makes it happen. Gone are the days of content silos and shadow IT. Create a centralized content platform by migrating all content, both digital and paper, into Box. Integrate this platform into the systems your organization uses – or build a new platform that unlocks the full potential of content in your organization. With Box Consulting, design your modern technology stack. 

Your adoption program is smarter with Box Consulting 

Successful content management happens when users know how to work effectively. Building the strongest implementation and the simplest tech stack are great steps, but you need to ensure users actually use it. Our adoption experts modify legacy behavior by driving organizational change, engaging directly with users, and creating education and training programs for users, admins, business leads, and technical leads (like Box Certified Professional!). With Box Consulting, bring your users along for the ride.  

Create a digital revolution in your organization 

With over 12,000 projects under our belt, Box Consulting is the best partner our customers could ask for. Customers see at least 10% higher user engagement with existing technology when they work with Box Consulting. This means increased user adoption, and a better return on the investment you've already made with your technology stack, related to both Box and the ecosystem you've built for your organization.  

Furthermore, customers who work with Box Consulting see 15% higher demand for cloud tools. After working with Box Consulting, users are more inclined to break the status quo of siloed, legacy, or shadow IT – and instead look to their IT organizations for leadership on cloud technology that helps them work more efficiently than ever.  

Don’t leave your business goals up to chance – achieve them by doing the right projects, with the right people. To talk with Box Consulting, and get a deeper understanding of how we can help your organization, you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected]. Or, contact your Box account team today and let them know that you want to make Box better with Box Consulting. 

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