Boxer Spotlight - Casey Brings Her Sharing Self to Work

"Bring Your _______ Self to Work" is an important pillar of our Box culture. We're a pretty mixed bag of different backgrounds and values around here, so the blank is different for each Box employee. In this series, we'll interview one of our own to give you a look at our diverse family of Boxers around the world.

Our subject this week is Casey Duncheon, a Corporate Account Executive based in our Redwood City, California HQ. Here's our interview:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Box.
I am currently a Corporate Account Executive. I have been with Box for a little over two years and started on the Emerging Small Business team as an Account Executive. I grew up locally in South Bay and played field hockey at Northeastern in Boston. I love anything outdoors and all dogs!

How does what you do contribute to the success of Box?
I come to work every day with the intention to teach my customers something new and expand their vision of what is possible with cloud technology and integrations. I love to hear my coworkers customer stories and then go back to my customers and share what I learned. I’m currently focusing on teaching my customers about the possibilities of Box Platform.

What has been the high point of your career?
I was awarded the Grinder Award last quarter which is an award that is given out to a sales rep that exemplifies grit and hustle. It felt pretty amazing to receive that award and be recognized for my hard work.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, what's been the most difficult challenge?
Some of my customers are skeptical about moving to the cloud because they believe it is not as secure as their legacy servers, so I have a lot of educational conversations on cloud security. This can be a little challenging but the advantage is that I am able to discuss Box’s deep investment in security and our methodology early on in conversations, which is a crucial part of why customers choose Box.

What do you love about Box as a product? Why do people buy it?
I love Box as a product because it is a tool that has continued to grow and align with the industry changes I hear about every day. Box at it’s core will always be the same, but we have been able to innovate in response to customer needs and stay on top of industry evolutions. Aaron’s face time and conversations with customers gives Box a huge advantage as we are constantly working to help them move faster, be more collaborative, and better serve their customers. I strongly believe this is why we continue to have such a strong customer base.

Aaron is such a core part of this company, do you have a fun memory to share?
This is kind of embarrassing, but whenever a sales person closes a big deal, a detailed “Win Notification” email is sent out to the company. My colleague had closed a pretty impressive win, and I responded to that email with a ‘Ermahgerd' meme that was accidentally sent to the whole company. I was pretty embarrassed. The next day I woke up to an email from Aaron and was nervous to open it, but to my happy surprise, he responded saying 'LOL. ;)' Looks like we have the same humor!