Welcome to the enterprise, Slack!

Today, Slack officially launched its first enterprise product, Slack Enterprise Grid. We're incredibly excited about this announcement, because we have been collaborating with them for a while now through integrations that enable seamless productivity and communication, and new ways of working.

There's never been a more amazing time in enterprise software or IT.

In December alone, over 1,700 joint Box + Slack customers used the Box integration and it has quickly grown to become the third most frequently used Box integration for productivity. Take a look at some of the most popular features of Slack + Box:

Auto-Detect Box Shared Links. Don't have the Box integration turned on yet? No problem. Slack auto-detects Box shared links and prompts you to authenticate your Box account to automatically import Box shared links going forward.

Expanding Content Cards for Box Shared Links. Once authenticated, Box shared links are automatically expanded into "content cards" with the name of the file, file type thumbnail, and the ability the file to open directly in Box.

Find and Import Files from Box in Slack. Need to share a Box file with your team? You can find and import files directly from Box through the Box file picker. To import files from Box, use the "+" Add File button in Slack.

Search for Box Files in Slack. Once a file or shared link has been imported, the file is indexed for searching in Slack so you can easily find your Box content alongside other messages in Slack.

Share Box Files to Slack in Box. You can also share Box files directly to your favorite Slack channel from Box. Simply go to the "Integrations" option in Box and select Slack. You can then change the choose the Slack channel, adjust Box file permissions, and add a comment.

Congrats on the launch, @SlackHQ!

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