Top 5 Reasons Leading Retailers are Sold on Box + Office 365

Leading Retailers rely on Box + Microsoft Office365 to stay competitive

Succeeding in retail is hard – and it's getting harder. Consumer behavior shifts faster than ever, and there's a dizzying array of new tools and technology. To stay relevant, retailers are hustling to keep up with these changes, and this scramble places a premium on discovering new, untapped productivity solutions.

Since fresh retail strategies need to be implemented quickly and effectively, many retailers are now taking a hard look at core infrastructure and applications to see where they can adapt what they have – and where they should start from scratch. As a result, IT decision-makers in retail are finding themselves in a tough spot. On the one hand, IT is expected to support applications that provide enterprise-level security and control. On the other hand, if end users don't like – and fail to adopt – those preferred applications, there's a high risk of unsanctioned, consumer-grade tools being used.

To strike a balance between functionality and usability, many retail organizations are investing in an ecosystem of best-in-class productivity applications, those that can address the needs of IT departments, business stakeholders and end users alike. This moves enterprises into the cloud and makes interoperability a defining trait.

Box + Microsoft Office 365 is a great example. At the same time as the familiar Office productivity suite was being redesigned for the cloud, Microsoft was opening its software to allow greater connectivity with other solutions that can support those core products – like Box.

In the past quarter alone, three of the world’s largest retailers have chosen to roll out Box + Office 365. It's interesting to note that these retailers are getting OneDrive for Business at no extra charge as a part of their Microsoft Office 365 licensing bundle. Yet they're choosing to instead add – or switch to – widespread licensing for the Box content management platform.

Let's look at the top 5 ways that Box + Office 365 is a winning combination:

1. Box enriches existing IT investments in Office 365.

Box adds value to your Microsoft investment, providing a truly collaborative content management platform for files developed in Office 365.

2. Box + Office 365 helps people, teams and companies work together seamlessly.

Box makes it possible to manage the infinite details required to succeed in the retail marketplace, ensuring that buyers, store operators, inventory planners, e-commerce, marketers and supply-chain executives can work productively and effectively in a state of constant interaction.

3. Box enhances the content security of Office 365.

Box provides deeper administrative visibility and control around content, giving IT teams granular sharing permissions and extensive integrations with all major security platforms for networks and mobile devices.

4. Box + Office 365 is backed by the Box + Microsoft integration.

Thanks to to the incredible Box + Microsoft integration that's behind Box + Office 365, retail organizations will always have support for and access to numerous Microsoft solutions.

5. Box is the modern content management platform – and it's everything retail needs.

Box is uniquely positioned to simplify retailers' IT stacks: it powers a single content layer that spans the entire organization, regardless of existing solutions, and gives organizations the ability to build custom apps with Box Platform.

Given these five reasons, it's no surprise that the versatile, flexible and capable Box + Office 365 combination is a must-have for security- and productivity-conscious retailers. To learn more, download our Box + Microsoft Integrations Overview today.

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