Three new enhancements to accelerate the way you work in Box

These days you are creating and collaborating on files faster than ever before, meaning that it can be hard to stay in control of everything you are working on. We're giving you more ways to centralize critical information and interact with your files, simplifying how you manage it all. Here are a few of the latest enhancements to speed up the way you work.

See and take action on pending invites

  • We've made some recent updates to Box to enable you to easily see and act on your pending invitations in one centralized place, whether they're requests from coworkers to collaborate on content, or from your company requiring you to perform specific actions before you can access content. These types of invites come in four different flavors: invitations from coworkers to collaborate on content, 2-factor authentication enrollment, strong password enforcement and terms of service acceptance. You can learn more about pending invites here.
Pending invites

Share content from one place

  • Sharing and collaborating on files and folders is a critical aspect of getting work done in Box, so we've made some updates to streamline the process for you.  Now you can generate shared links, invite collaborators or manage permissions from a single, centralized view - no need to navigate to different drop down menus to take any of these actions.  Learn more about how to share and collaborate in Box.

3 new enhancements to accelerate the way you work in Box

Tip: be sure you are checking the security settings on your links

Navigate through your files quickly

  • Our rich preview is one of the most engaging features in Box, and today we've made it even more powerful. With thumbnail preview, you can now see every page in a file as a thumbnail and easily find and jump to any page in a single view. 
Three new enhancements to accelerate the way you work in Box

People rely on Box because we deliver the world's best experience for managing and collaborating on content. If you have any ideas on how we can help you do that, let us know in the Box Community or tweet us at @Box to share your ideas.