Seamlessly manage third party apps in Box

The average business uses over 250 new applications each year. And because there are so many applications in a typical enterprise, they are inherently hard to manage. Box solves much of this issue because we are the only vendor that can unify content across apps on a single platform - and now, we're simplifying it even more. Introducing two new features that help IT Admins more quickly and easily deploy apps, whether they are 3rd party or custom. We've made some enhancements to our platform this quarter to help IT teams find and integrate Box with the business apps their people need and deploy our advanced products to help centralize even more processes on Box.

Quickly find and deploy the right 3rd party apps for your business

Way back in 2017, Bettercloud ran a survey that found SaaS powered workplaces run an average of 34 applications.  That number has certainly grown since then as businesses continue to adopt best-of-breed applications to make their people more efficient.  Every organization has unique processes which need the right applications to power them - and every application involved to play nicely together.

Box has over 1,400 applications that integrate with it, but choosing the ones that make the most sense for your business can be tough.  That's why we've rebuilt our 3rd party application management experience from the ground up to include better search filters, a curated list of featured applications, and an improved app configuration flow.  It's now much easier for you to find the apps your business needs right from Box's admin console - and get them up and running in no time.

Seamlessly manage third party apps in Box

Simplify custom application management and deployment

However, sometimes the available applications don't quite fit your business requirements and you need to customize them or even build your own applications.  Box's open platform and robust APIs let you integrate, extend, and build apps using Box as the content backbone.  Managing these custom applications often introduces overhead for admins because they may need to be managed in separate spaces from the rest of your business applications.  

Today, we're happy to announce that Box is making it easier for businesses to view and manage all of the applications integrated with Box or developed with Box in the same place.  Our admins will now be able to view all of their custom apps directly from the Apps tab of Box's admin console, without having to go into their developer environment or rummage through our enterprise settings.  This simplifies collaboration between admins and developers, increases visibility of development projects across the enterprise, and reduces the time it takes to get custom apps into production.

Seamlessly manage third party apps in Box

Driving business efficiency by making you more efficient

At the end of the day it needs to be easier for you to manage all the applications that help your users work more effectively.  It doesn't matter if it's 3rd party productivity apps that integrate with Box, custom apps leveraging our platform, or Box's own native security, compliance, or productivity apps.  The less time you spend deploying and managing applications, the more quickly your users get value from the tools you provide them - and the more time you have to support the strategic IT initiatives.

Our new app management features are available for all customers now. To learn more, visit our Admin Console Apps and Custom Apps community pages.