Request content in a snap with the new Box File Request experience

Critical business processes depend on content from people outside your organization.

Prior to COVID-19, companies could collect content from customers, vendors, partners, and others in a variety of ways. For instance, customers might visit a local bank branch to submit loan paperwork, vendors would mail in application forms, and agencies would share assets over email. 

However, new remote work constraints have forced companies to find alternate means of sharing. Many resort to email for lack of a better method. The result: overloaded inboxes, overwhelmed employees, and a breakdown in process. Thankfully, there's a smarter and simpler solution. 

Introducing the new File Request experience

File Request provides you with a simple, secure way to get files and information from anyone, even those without a Box account.

File Request

With Box File Request, people easily and quickly gather documents into any folder by sharing an auto-generated link. An intuitive user interface gives teams the option to build a structured intake for requesting files and associated information. They can even embed requests into webpages. Content submission is a breeze as well. Users drag-and-drop files and fill out guided form fields in a matter of seconds. 


There you go! Requesting content is simple and straightforward. Submitting content is quick and hassle-free. And content is uploaded directly and securely to Box.

It gets better: not only do submitted files directly upload into a Box folder, your form entries automatically get attached as metadata. That metadata then gets leveraged for easy searches, content organization, and automation of business processes. You get all this, plus large file support and our advanced security and compliance. 

Regardless of the state our world is in, inadequate security around content shared with your business will always put your reputation at risk — especially when files contain highly sensitive information, such as social security numbers, personal health information, or intellectual property. 

A surprising number of organizations still use outdated or over-complicated methods to gather content. Email is tedious and error-prone. FTPs are difficult to set up and raise security concerns. Customer portals make for overkill; plus, they don't scale.

Simplicity and security across every department

Box File Request is perfect for anyone who needs to source content, especially from outside the organization. 

Here are a few examples:

  • HR teams need to securely obtain employment-related docs (I-9, background check authorization, etc.) from new hires before their start date. With File Request, HR can clearly request specific documentation and additional required information. No more back-and-forth communication and sharing of sensitive attachments using personal email addresses. 
  • Manufacturing teams need to securely request product specifications from contracted companies. These types of files are too large to send via email and typically require dedicated FTP sites. With File Request, the manufacturer sets up a single folder for receiving specs and requires companies to fill out associated details. No more splitting files or dealing with cumbersome FTPs.
  • Marketing teams need to source promotional assets from creative agencies. With File Request, marketers gather assets and related metadata directly in Box and kick off internal review processes with the brand team. No more emails floating around with multiple versions of highly confidential product launch assets.

File Request can even be used internally, when information needs to be crowd-sourced but kept private. For instance:

  • Finance teams can gather quarterly budget asks from departments in a 'Budget Requests' folder, without sharing any confidential information in that folder.
  • Sales teams can ask account executives to submit demo videos into an intake folder for a sales pitch contest.

At the end of the day, the easier it is to get content and metadata onto your content management system, the faster you can get work done. Box File Request powers file and metadata submission directly into Box, enabling you to be more organized, find things faster, and even power downstream business workflows with Box Relay. 

No more being held back by outdated and over-complicated methods to request content. Break free and move forward securely and easily and securely.

File Request will be available to customers later today. To learn more, check out this article on using File Request.

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