Q&A with SAP System Integrator e-Wave Solutions

System integrator e-Wave Solutions has been helping businesses integrate SAP and enterprise content management systems together for years, using their DocuFlow connector. I sat down with e-Wave founder Greg Soltys, to discuss how SAP customers can leverage Box to modernize their content management systems, empowering them to be more productive and efficient in today’s modern enterprise. Below is an excerpt of that discussion:

Tell us a bit about e-Wave and DocuFlow?
At e-Wave, we’ve specialized in SAP integrations with enterprise content repositories for over a decade. Our DocuFlow software allows us to effectively integrate SAP and Box, which is quickly growing to be a leader in the modern ECM space.

What type of solutions do you provide to SAP customers that want to use Box for enterprise content management and collaboration?
We provide many solutions to help customers on this journey including:

  • We help SAP users store and link business documents directly to Box without having to leave SAP;
  • We move content to Box from other services like email and productivity suites, then link it automatically to associated SAP records;
  • We provide a clear view of all documents that are linked between SAP and Box;
  • And finally, we enable metadata transfer both to and from SAP and Box, enabling any Box workflow, reporting, mobile or collaboration process to leverage Box or SAP metadata.

Here’s a diagram that demonstrates these common patterns:

What do you see as the primary value for SAP customers in choosing both Box and DocuFlow?
Many businesses currently have data spanning multiple on-premise and cloud systems, including email. Shifting to Box is a meaningful first step in centralizing content and improving workflows within SAP systems. By moving to Box, it becomes easier for businesses to leverage the full capabilities that SAP software offers, becoming more productive and efficient.

We look forward to building even more ways for SAP customers to take advantage of modern enterprise content management and collaboration from Box.