Powering Financial Services Transformation with Ipreo

Today, we're excited to announce that we're teaming up with Ipreo to power their new application, Prism. Prism a holistic, cloud-based CFO-Desktop that equips private companies to manage regulatory requirements, securely communicate with shareholders, efficiently execute capital raising and liquidity events, and perform advanced analytics to drive better business decisions.

“As private companies remain private longer and the line between public and private markets continues to blur, data control, secure communication, and one-to-many reporting are must-haves,” said Charlie Young, EVP of Private Company Solutions at Ipreo. “As a leading enterprise content management platform, Box is synonymous with security and seamless workflow. That brand, plus the fact that thousands of the world’s leading companies rely on Box for secure communication and collaboration, make Box the perfect partner for Ipreo. We are excited to deliver a disruptive solution, and know that the partnership with Box will always keep Prism at the forefront of innovation.”

Powering Financial Services Transformation with Ipreo

With Box Platform powering the secure content layer in the application, the Ipreo Prism app enables clients to:

  • Stay Compliant: As SEC focus on private companies intensifies, Prism makes compliance seamless via auto-generated regulatory disclosures and corporate governance workflow.
  • Meet Shareholder Demands: Prism enables the automated, secure communication of documents and data on a permissioned, one-to-many basis, which eases the burden of reporting and ensures that sensitive information remains confidential.
  • Execute Capital Raising & Employee Liquidity Events: Prism takes a shareholder-first approach that empowers a private company to quickly access capital, as well as maintain a repeatable employee liquidity program without sacrificing control of its capital structure.
  • Optimize Performance & Manage Cap Tables: Prism combines proprietary benchmarks with cap table and valuation analytics to form a holistic solution that equips companies with competitive insights and decision-making tools unavailable anywhere else on the market.

Ipreo is disrupting financial services with technology as its competitive advantage and we’re thrilled to be part of their innovation. Prism is a digital experience that transforms how private companies communicate with shareholders and raise capital. In the digital world, content is essential to almost every application. Box Platform delivers the security and compliance, rich collaboration, and advanced content management capabilities needed to deliver not only an amazing experience for users, but to reduce development timelines and get innovations to market faster.

Join us at BoxWorks where Ipreo will demo Prism onstage on September 8. Register today: https://www.box.com/boxworks/

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