A new way for Box Admins to manage custom apps

Box Apps

Being a Box Admin can sometimes be a tough job. With more developers building applications that integrate with Box, the onus is on Admins to manage how development gets done at scale in their enterprise. Additionally as more and more distributed teams develop using Box, the complexities around app management between an Admin and developers will only increase. 

Just as the Admin's job responsibilities are diverse, so are the tools required. For instance, Admins today may need to provision sandbox environments for their development teams to securely build and test apps while collaborating on the approval process to get these apps approved. We believe that Admins need good governance controls and a simple way to work with developers on managing apps at scale in their business. 

With this philosophy in mind, today we’re announcing a new way for Admins to manage custom apps that integrate with Box.

Box Apps

Introducing a new way to manage custom apps with Box

This new experience simplifies how custom built apps are Administered in the enterprise, providing better visibility and control into developer built apps that have access to content in Box.

This new experience for managing custom apps with Box provides: 

  • New Admin tools to track status as well as review applications in the Admin console
  • Two-way collaboration between Admins and developers in Box during app authorization
  • Updated approval flows for app authorization along with e-mail notifications for Admins

Combined with the suite of Admin centric tools for application development, this new update continues the goal of making our platform incredibly "builder friendly" for enterprises to integrate with Box while making the job of a Box Admin just a little bit easier in the process. 

Check out our Box Community article for more information on how to manage custom built apps in your enterprise.