New message center and increased reporting efficiency

New Message Center

As organizations have transitioned to a work-from-anywhere world, Box admins have led the charge making sure their organizations are taking advantage of all Box has to offer. This means staying informed of new enhancements, enabling their organizations to adopt new features, and keeping a pulse on user stats and activity. In short, they're supporting employees while keeping their companies running smoothly and securely, which isn't always easy.

Box is passionate about promoting productivity and efficiency and that means making sure the right tools are in the hands of our admins. Today, we are excited to announce What's New, our in-product destination for Box news, and several new reporting enhancements including reports like User Statistics, Activity, and Content on our new Data Platform and our Report Status Board.

'What's New' message center

Today, the tools we use seem to be changing at lightning speed and while we do our best to keep on top of these improvements, information is often dispersed across emails, blogs, social media, and other channels. Staying informed can often be a time-consuming process.

At Box, we believe that there is a better way to stay informed and consume information. With What's New, our new in-product message center, admins and co-admins can receive the latest news right from within Box. What's New centralizes important Product, Event, and Box Education information and makes it accessible from a persistent icon in the web app and Admin Console, so you can:  

  • Stay informed with timely, easily scannable articles about product changes, enhancements, events and educational opportunities that are coming to Box
  • Find essential information toimprove your own skills or support users as they ramp up on new features 
  • Plan for change bylearning which product enhancements have rolled out and which need admin action to enable 
What's New

We built What's New so you can save time and have the latest Box news at your finger tips, and we are excited to make the public beta available to you. Enabling What's New is easy--from the Admin Console navigate to enterprise settings, find notifications, look for What's New, and select configure to enable. 

Change doesn't have to be hard and with What's New, you'll have everything you need to plan ahead and help your users do their best work with Box.

Join the What's New beta today. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Additional reports move to Box's new Data Platform

Previously, we moved several reports to our new Data Platform to improve scalability and speed of reporting and reduce errors. To date, we have seen greatly improved performance and look forward to continued speed and reliability improvements this quarter. 

Following on the successful migration of the User Statistics, Insights, and Activity (which includes User Activity and Geo Activity) enterprise reports in August and September, we plan to continue our reports migration. Soon, you will see improved content report performance, which means the Files and Folders and Collaboration reports will run faster after we migrate them to the new Data Platform.

Report Status Dashboard

Admins face constant challenges when it comes to running their businesses efficiently. One area in particular has been a lack of visibility into report statuses and progress when running reports.

We are excited to introduce the Report Status Dashboard, a new tool that provides a single location where admins can keep track of their reports and gain insight their progress. From the dashboard, you can easily find and filter reports as well as 

  • Track which reports are running using the Report Queue
  • View how long a report will take to complete with Report Progress
  • See Report Status including in progress, failed, complete, and pending
  • Know the Reason for Error, when applicable
  • Easily View Report with a link to exported report .csv files

By providing increased visibility into reports as well as a single dashboard by which to access them, you will see improved reporting efficiency that will save you time. The Reports Status Dashboard will be available in November 2020.

Learn more and get started

We're continually working on ways to improve efficiency and make information more accessible for our admins. To make sure you and your team are taking advantage of these enhancements, visit Box Support for more information and how to enable the What's New message center beta.