New enhancements to security classifications in Box

To protect their most sensitive information from accidental leakage, many of our customers have defined their own set of security classifications, rolled them out organization-wide, and are automatically enforcing access policies using Box Shield.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the number of files classified growing rapidly - with over 12.5 million files classified in the past 90 days. Companies are taking measures to better protect their data, as they shift to enabling remote access and collaboration on files from anywhere, any device.

To aid in this effort, we’ve released 3 enhancements to our classification labels.

Classification label colors

First, we added the ability for admins to color-code classifications, selecting from 8 different colors for each of their labels. For example, you could make “public” green, and “top secret” red. This helps deployment by providing a visual reminder for end users, helping them easily understand and remember your classification levels.

define classification

New classification label style

We've also updated the visual style of the classification labels - making them simpler, bolder, and more prominent for your users. It’s now harder to miss that a file is labeled “confidential”, for example, when handling critical content in Box.


View classification labels on mobile

In the Box mobile app, users are now able to see classification labels when previewing files, increasing visibility and awareness of your security policies. The feature is currently available in the Box app on iOS and will be available by the end of May to download on Android.


When classifications are applied at scale and understood across your organization, your employees become better stewards of your sensitive and valuable content, reducing risk without impacting productivity.

See here for more info on managing classifications, and learn more about Box Shield’s classification-based security controls here.