NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit and

We're excited to announce today that will become a founding partner of NetHope's Center for Digital Nonprofit (CDN). The CDN is an initiative that enables NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to accelerate their digital transformation and efficacy in partnership with leading tech providers.

The CDN is housed within NetHope, a global organization that convenes 57 of the world's most prestigious and impactful NGO's. These 57 NGO's are responsible for moving over 60% of the world's humanitarian aid and delivering massive global conservation programs. will be building on a grass-roots $21,500 seed funding round Box employees raised for the CDN last December with a $225,000 grant from the Fund over the next three years. This is the largest philanthropic investment has made to date.

NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit and

The CDN will develop frameworks, conduct research, and provide consulting and insights around both the needs and critical success factors for a digital transformation journey.  These will enable a more productive and efficient partnership as we engage together. puts Box employees, technology and corporate assets to work for nonprofits around the globe. We will align our Box pillars and programs with the critical needs of the NGO sector, to ensure we can support organizations doing such critical work in the most productive way. We'll work closely with our #ImpactCloud partners, a coalition of cloud technology companies (including Okta, Microsoft and Oracle NetSuite, who are also founding partners of the CDN), as they continue to do the same.  The shared goal for every party involved is enabling more positive social impact and outcomes.

We feel grateful to mobilize all of our assets for NGO customer partners like the International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, The Nature Conservancy, PATH, Samaritan's Purse, NRC, Team Rubicon Global, Pact, Relief International, Compassion International, Medair, Trocaire and many others. We see the CDN as transformative platform for NGO's and are proud to help it succeed.

The Digital Nonprofit Skills Assessment

In addition to announcing Box as a founding partner today, the CDN announced its latest research -- the Digital Nonprofit Skills Assessment.  This research was funded by the #ImpactCloud. The findings in this report will help inform all of our philanthropic programs. 

For example, in the DNS report, the research reveals that the skills critical to a successful digital journey are not just the "hard" technology skills.  While it highlights skills around understanding, utilizing and managing risk with digital tools, just as critical is collaboration and adaption by teams, and an entrepreneurial spirit -- the willingness to take risks and experiment in order to drive more impactful ways of doing things.

NetHope Summit

This week at the NetHope Summit, we are excited to have the opportunity to chat with our NGO community here about the findings in the latest research, and to have them lend more insight around these skill areas and their needs. We will then continue to refine and shape our programs -- the pro-bono work by our Boxer employees, our partnerships (#ImpactCloud and more), our donated/discounted technology offering, and our ongoing grant-making.

Our goal is to ensure we focus on the most critical areas in order to help equip nonprofits for their digital journey, and move more rapidly towards achieving their missions.  We are confident partnering with the CDN will help propel this goal.

Please visit to learn more about our work, access our nonprofit donation program or contact us!

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