Mobile Sharing Directly from Box with ScreenMeet

One of the common use cases for Box is streamlining content delivery between employees and external parties. For example, sales reps getting the latest product information to customers, investment advisors collecting signed documents from clients, etc. The strength of Box in these scenarios is the combination of great user experience on consumption of content, and powerful auditing and controls on the underlying delivery. Yet, these workflows are inherently asynchronous, one party uploads a document for another user to view and take action against.

Often, the secure content delivery powered by Box needs to be bolstered with a synchronous communication solution. We recently announced an integration with Skyway from NTT Communications that can be used when building custom applications with Box Platform that need real-time communications. We also integrate with all of the major screen sharing technologies, including Ring Central and Cisco Spark. Today, we’re announcing that ScreenMeet has integrated with Box, to allow Box users and Box Platform developers to leverage their cross-platform screen sharing solution.

One of the key features of ScreenMeet is that there are no downloads required. For example, a sales rep can send a ScreenMeet link to a prospect that they can open on any device with a web browser, offering immediate access to the presentation material, with no app installation.

With the Box integration, the sender is now choosing content from Box, where it remains securely stored. Content is presented via ScreenMeet and then can either be forwarded on using a Box share link, or using the Box Content API to a custom portal or mobile application. Synchronous communication powered by ScreenMeet, asynchronous content collaboration by Box, all done in a secure and compliant way.

Marketing professionals can use the ScreenMeet and Box integration to deliver pitch decks to prospects, or campaign results to clients. ScreenMeet allows the presenter to control the flow of information presented, saving time on back and forth and allowing for real-time feedback. Sales reps can demo products and apps to customers and new partners much more quickly resulting in deals closing faster. If an attendee requests the presentation at the end of the call, it can simply be forwarded as a Box shared link.

“We evaluated every web conferencing product on the market before deciding upon They have removed all friction from the screen sharing process enabling our employees to be more effective and our customers and prospects to be less frustrated.” - Steve Weidman, SVP Sales, ZOZI

Financial services professionals use ScreenMeet and Box to streamline the document review process, eliminating the need to print out documents and enhancing digital workflows. Certified Financial Planners can achieve more frequent investment check-ins with clients due to the ease of use and seamless integration with the files they have already organized within Box. Insurance agents can eliminate much of the paperwork required to walk customers through their coverage by digitizing their process. With FINRA compliance baked into all of these workflows, ScreenMeet and Box provide the solution to many pain points of financial professionals.

Designed for a mobile world, ScreenMeet lets the presenter instantly share any file stored in Box from their iOS, Android, PC and Mac and allows the audience attend a meeting instantly from any device. ScreenMeet offers elegant design by creating a real-time collaboration tool that’s easy to use.

Learn more at, or check out the app in th Box App Store.