Meet Box Shuttle: The lowest-cost full-service content migration program in the market

Box Shuttle

Building off of the excitement of the Content Cloud last week, I am thrilled to announce the all-new Box Shuttle. This announcement, as well as the announcement of Box Sign last week, will accelerate the path to the Box Content Cloud for all of our customers. This month, Box will offer the lowest-cost, full-service content migration program in the market with Box Shuttle.

Box Shuttle, part of Box Consulting, has already migrated petabytes of data out of inadequate systems and into Box. Over the last five years, we've become the leaders in content migration strategy, resourcing, and execution — leveraging proven processes and change management to drive long-term adoption. For many organizations, moving to the cloud has been a priority, but the path has been difficult — and often cost-prohibitive. The resounding feedback we've heard from customers: Content migration needs to be easier and cheaper. With this announcement, we're excited to do exactly that. 

Now's the time to migrate to the Content Cloud

As organizations work to modernize their business processes, it's important to remember that the vast majority of an organization's content already exists. Content represents an organization's most important intellectual property: sales presentations, movie scripts, and product specs are what make a business unique. Yet content is decentralized and locked away in confusing networks of file shares, legacy ECM implementations, explosions of SharePoint sites, or even paper in filing cabinets stored offsite. With this disconnected sprawl, content just isn't as valuable to a business as it could (and should) be.

Digital transformation has gone from one of many priorities to a business necessity, literally overnight.  Migrating content to the cloud in almost all cases is a pre-requisite to digitizing and modernizing business processes. Box customers are actively looking for the best ways to get content, and the surrounding data that makes content powerful (permissions, metadata, version history, and more) off of outdated, legacy tools and centralized in Box. Now, no matter where your content lives today (yes, even paper!) Box Shuttle will accelerate your path to the cloud. 

With Box Shuttle, customers can:

  • Migrate from more than 15 source systems, using both on-premises and cloud connectors
  • Modify permissions mid-migration, allowing for critical restructuring with zero downtime 
  • Preserve business-critical context about content by bringing existing metadata and file version history into Box
  • Accelerate the speed of migration to hundreds of terabytes per day with automatic network and API optimization
  • Monitor events, visualize data, and generate reports in real time to increase visibility into migration status
  • Partner with leading content migration experts execute migration projects and drive technology adoption
Box Shuttle

Customers succeed with the Content Cloud

It's because of centralized content in Box, and partnership with Box Shuttle, that the USDA Forest Service can empower remote field workers with the right information to fight and prevent forest fires, Intuit can seamlessly onboard, enable, and offboard seasonal tax specialists to process millions of tax returns, and Coalfire can protect and govern its customers' most sensitive content. These organizations and many more have already made huge steps towards a new, digital way of working, and we're looking forward to helping even more organizations accelerate their path to the cloud with Box Shuttle.

Content is only as powerful as where it lives, and too many organizations today keep their content in tools that don't allow their teams to work together effectively. In 2021 and beyond, businesses across industries will continue to reinvent themselves with distributed teams that rely on digital collaboration. With Box, teams have access to the content they need -- and organizations can realize the value of their content.

Democratizing content migration for any organization

Box Shuttle will significantly reduce the cost of migrating to the Content Cloud. If you're interested in exploring a content migration project, we encourage you to reach out to your account team and see how Box Shuttle can help, or visit to learn more.

The Box mission is to power how the world works together — and in order to work together, organizations need to centralize their content in the Content Cloud. With Box Shuttle, that's easier than ever. We're just getting started, and we're incredibly excited to work with all of our customers to achieve this transformation.


Join us on this journey! Learn more about the Content Cloud vision in our February 18 webinar with myself, our CEO Aaron Levie, and our VP of Box Consulting, Kelly Millsaps. Register here.

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