Make collaboration easier than ever with the new Box for G Suite Add-On

We're excited to announce a new integration with G Suite using the latest G Suite Add-ons framework. With this new framework, we are bringing a streamlined Box experience to more apps, including Gmail and Google Calendar, in G Suite. As more and more content flows in and out applications throughout the organization, we know that users need to access their content when and where they want. That's why we're thrilled to collaborate with Google Cloud to bring the Box experience to more apps in G Suite, making work and collaboration across G Suite as easy as possible.

Since 2016,Box and Google Cloud have been working to create deep integrations that further our mutual goal of transforming work in the cloud. The new Box for Google Calendar Add-on is the latest integration to join a long list of collaborations, including Box for G Suite, Box Bot for Hangouts Chat and Box for Gmail Add-on. As a launch partner for the new G Suite Add-on framework that debuted at Google Cloud Next ‘19, we’ve worked closely with Google Cloud to develop an Add-on that will not only not only unlock new exciting use cases for customers, but also streamline common tasks and manual work .

With the Box G Suite Add-on for Google Calendar, users will be able to easily access, share and manage their Box content without ever leaving the Google Calendar interface. This ensures users can keep critical content centralized in Box, where IT can then apply consistent security, governance and compliance measures across all content.

Make collaboration easier than ever with the new Box for G Suite Add-On

Features of the integration will include:

  • Search and browse Box content: View all of your Box files and folders to easily find content for sharing with colleagues and external collaborators
  • Manage content permissions: Change the access permissions of any Box file or folder from the Add-on prior to sharing
  • Attach Box files to event invites: Add Box files as shared links to Google Calendar invites for increased visibility and quick reference
  • Detect Box files in event invites: Automatically detect any Box shared links in received event invites to easily see file metadata

By creating a unified content experience from within Google Calendar, the new Box G Suite Add-on saves users valuable time and makes content accessible no matter where they are working. We’re excited to announce the Box G Suite Add-on will be available in beta soon. For more information on how to join the beta, visit 

This wasn’t our only exciting announcement at Google Cloud Next ‘19! Learn more about Box's collaboration with Google Cloud ML at our Developer Blog