Keeping your clients and employees connected in Financial services - from home

Remote for Real

Welcome to our "Remote for Real" series, a collection of posts from Box executives across our organization on what it's like when remote work becomes a reality for your organization, whether you're ready or not.

As work-from-home becomes the new norm, many financial services companies are being forced to go digital overnight.  And the reality is that most are not prepared to do so.

As a financial institution, you're likely faced with some unexpected challenges when it comes to collaborating and sharing information with your internal teams - let alone, keeping up a cadence with your customers. And your teams in the IT and risk departments have their own hurdles they're working through. 

So, how do you take years of manual, in-office processes and communication and make them WFH ready? Here's how we think financial services companies can create seamless experiences for their customers, keep employees productive, and maintain security protocols all while working remotely. 

1. Keep having meetings... virtually that is. 

Your branch, advisory office, or corporate office may have closed their doors; and your people from internal back office employees, to front office bankers, financial advisors, and wealth advisors alike are being sent home. Maintaining the integrity of an in-person business when you're not in the same room as your customer or internal teams is tough - but it's not impossible.

  • Continue face-to-face meetings with the Box + Zoom integration. Keep meetings productive by allowing customers and internal teams to upload files from Box directly into your zoom meeting. 
  • Choose from O365 to Gsuite or 1400+ best-of-breed apps to integrate Box. Create seamless collaboration across all your files, from internal marketing materials to confidential customer financials - from any location, on any device. 

2. Keep your customers informed 

When the market takes a tumble, customers turn to their financial team for answers, questions, thoughts and mostly concerns. Continue to be supportive - and responsive - during these unprecedented times. 

Here's how:

  • Share financial documents with customers, third-parties, and internal team members using Box shared links, and the ability to expire them - without having to relay on unsecure email attachments. Plus, keep customer information secure by limiting access with assigned permission levels.
  • Advise customers on their financials, take meeting notes, or answer questions with our real time collaborative note taking tool, Box Notes
  • And with your files in Box, access, edit, and comment on these all in real time. 

3. Keep customer interactions secure - even when you're remote

Employees now have to rely on their personal technology in order to work from home. Give your employees the capabilities to keep customer interactions secure, from any device.  

  • Protect the information in your Box enterprise account from any device with Box device trust. Device trust lets you set minimum operating system requirements, request firewall to be enabled, and require anti-virus to be installed and up-to-date.
  • Don't slow down your day-to-day processes or meetings with customers using a VPN connection. With Box, feel secure that your employees are staying attentive to customers without the need to join a VPN. 
  • Keep employees honest with SSO authentication using Box. Use your company information to log in to your Box account. 

Ensuring your customers are supported from home or a remote location is more essential now then ever before. However, don't forget about your internal teams. How your internal teams securely access their critical content from home affects the way customers can feel supported. Keep your internal operations running smoothly with the ideas and solutions above.

As remote work picks up in the coming weeks, financial services companies must adapt in order to continue to grow. That means keeping customer trust and communication high, internal teams productive, and security concerns to a minimum. Box is here to help you as you navigate these rapid changes. 

Feel free to reach out with your thoughts, and be sure to consult for more ideas on how to support your valuable customers and hard-working employees.