Join us at Box for our 2021 Intern Program!


One our favorite times of the year at Box is intern season! We love welcoming interns from all over the world to join us for the summer, and providing them an opportunity to focus on projects and challenges that directly impact our product, our customers, and our business initiatives. 

To give you a peek into our internship program, we’re featuring a Q&A with Lucy Tran and Lindsay Hickock, Recruiting Program Managers at Box, to give you some intel on the Box Internship Program. Over the next few weeks, Lucy and Lindsay will also interview Box Interns so you can hear first hand about their experience as an intern at Box.

First things first, tell us a little bit more about the Box Internship Program.

The college and university experience is undeniably an exciting time! Along with these experiences, it also includes finding internships. Here at Box, our internship program is a great opportunity for students to explore their field of interest in a live setting and be able to 10x it with their team. Each year, we expect to bring about 40 interns to join various teams (both technical and non-technical) to get hands-on experience. It is a 12-week program with flexible dates, so that students from all different colleges and universities can partake!

Where are interns based?

A majority of interns will be located at our main headquarters here in Redwood City, however there is opportunity to intern at other Box locations across the country (and even globally!) Due to circumstances around COVID-19, this past year was the first-ever virtual based internship. With 2021, we expect to continue with virtual internships with plenty of engagement and guidance from our Box teams.

Why should someone intern with us at Box?

The most exciting part about interning with Box is that our interns get to work on projects that directly impact both the internal or external parts of the business. Our interns get hands-on experience in working with various stakeholders and oftentimes, their projects have a range of teams they collaborate with. The projects are diverse; ranging from process building to directly working on products. We've also had previous Interns present to external customers or even attend BoxWorks. It varies! Interns are also paired with a mentor and a manager to help drive projects forward and into production so it's a really great opportunity for Interns to own something from beginning to end. Box's internship is all about giving students real world experience, not just with projects, but also engaging in the Box community. We treat our interns like full-time Boxers and encourage them to participate in activities outside of just their team, too!

How are interns placed on teams?

We do our best to match the interest and skill sets of an Intern to our teams. In some cases, it may be dependent also on what teams are looking for interns for the year! For some positions, interns get to choose which team they want to be a part of, too. No matter what team interns are on, we want them to be able to grow their skill set, by taking on projects that help pave the road for their success.

What other things do Box interns do outside of projects? 

Aside from the day-to-day of attending daily meetings, we offer personal growth and development opportunities to our interns. We also host a handful of fun social events, giving interns a chance to bond with their fellow peers at Box. Last year being fully virtual, there were a lot of varying activities such as cooking classes with our own Box chef and Ask-Me-Anything sessions with our own CEO, Aaron Levie. We also hosted a bunch of game nights, and skill-building workshops, for interns to continue to grow both personally and professionally. All in all, we want this internship experience to be all about growth and ownership while still having a fun time bonding with other Boxers.

Do Box interns get hired after graduation?

Yes! Depending on our interns' experience and performance over the summer, there are opportunities for our interns to come back to Box full-time after graduation! We've seen many Interns transition to full-time Box employees, come in and crush it and then get promoted to the next level at a pretty fast rate - really 10x-ing their career trajectory here. There is a lot of growth opportunity for Interns at Box, as well as ways to get even more involved in the company.

What advice would you give to college students seeking internships?

Show their true colors! Here at Box we're looking for people who have a diverse range of experiences and can bring their whole selves to work. Got experience volunteering in the community? President of the Women in Tech organization at school? Involved in even more extracurriculars outside of class? We want students to highlight their involvement so we know more than just what courses they've taken, but who they are as an individual and their passions.

Take a listen as Lindsay shares more about the Box Internship program!

Interested in applying for the Box Intern Program? Check out Box’s career site and apply now