Introducing the new and improved Box for NetSuite integration

We're thrilled to announce that a new and improved Box for NetSuite integration is available for all customers today. As one of the leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Oracle NetSuite powers digital business processes for thousands of companies around the world. Our new Box for NetSuite integration makes it easier than ever to access and collaborate on files without having to leave the NetSuite environment.

Teams working within NetSuite are often dealing with a high volume of documents such as purchase orders, invoices, quotes and more. As the preferred cloud content management solution for NetSuite, the integration with Box empowers teams to transform the way they work by enabling users to easily organize, store and share their Box content directly in NetSuite, while also ensuring content remains secure and compliant.

Box for Oracle NetSuite

Box for NetSuite provides users with quick and easy access to critical files directly within NetSuite records. The integration streamlines workflows by eliminating the need to search through multiple systems for the right documents and saves users from the hassle of manually attaching files to the appropriate records. This means users have more time and energy to focus on getting work done.

It's no wonder, then, that Box for NetSuite is one of our most popular integrations. "At Kovarus, it's important that our finance team has all of the tools they need to be efficient, productive and successful," says 

Penny Sehu-Mun, Director of Business Systems. "Box for NetSuite allows our team to collaborate on critical documents within NetSuite, while ensuring all content meets our security and governance standards."

For the new Box for NetSuite integration, we've added a host of new features designed to increase admin flexibility and make the user experience more intuitive. New features include:

  • Nested Box folder structure organized by NetSuite record types: Allows for more permissions customizations and an improved user navigation experience
  • Ability to associate Box folders with NetSuite record types: Allows users to select existing or new Box folders to link to NetSuite records
  • Custom naming of Box folders created from NetSuite: Allows for a more intuitive user experience and improved folder/file navigation  
  • Custom mapping of Box permissions to NetSuite permission types: Allows for more customization and ensures the right files are accessible by the right users

Best of all, content in NetSuite will be applied with powerful security and compliance features that the full Box platform provides from Box Governance to Box Zones to Box KeySafe. 

Box is dedicated to building solutions that helps organizations unify their content across teams and the business applications they choose to use. With our new Box for NetSuite integration, we'e excited to empower your team work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

For more information on how to install or upgrade Box for NetSuite, please visit our Community Site.