Introducing the all-new Box Notes

Box Notes

The future of work is fluid — companies are re-opening offices, others are going fully remote, and some seek to strike a balance with hybrid work. With 66% of knowledge workers in flexible work arrangements, being efficient and productive means working together--across teams, time zones, and companies--without always being physically present together in the workplace. And, it means relying on collaboration tools to create, innovate, and align on the content that is central to our business.

As organizations have worked to adapt, many started by taking traditional office practices and trying to replicate them on digital platforms. But it soon became clear that you can’t just take the physical and turn it digital — you have to design digitally from the start. For Box, this is second nature, since we’ve been a cloud platform from the beginning.

We first launched Box Notes to make it easy for teams to collaborate securely in real time, even when they’re in different places or using different devices. Since then, we’ve seen an incredible uptick in usage. Now, Box Notes averages almost half a million monthly active users, with millions of Box Notes created during the last 12 months. More importantly, the average Box Note gets more than 25 collaborations — which means teams really are using it as the nucleus for working together, from anywhere.

That’s why I am excited to announce that the all-new Box Notes will begin rolling out today empowering even more seamless, secure collaboration across your enterprise. This release supercharges Box Notes with a powerful new back-end infrastructure that fuels increasingly sophisticated use cases. And, it enhances Notes’ well-loved, user-friendly interface with new content creation, formatting, and organization capabilities designed to help teams work together.

All New Box Notes

For greater efficiency, faster output, and better results, all-new Box Notes offers the following innovative, new rich content creation and organization enhancements:

  • In-line cursors to help you keep track of collaborator edits in real time as you're working with multiple teammates on a Note, powering more productive and streamlined collaboration.

  • Enhanced table, image, and typography capabilities with an intuitive UI making it incredibly simple to add and format information so that it's clear and easy to understand.

  • A table of contents, divider lines, and call-out blocks to simplify content organization and navigation or visually highlight information within a Note.

  • And, code blocks that simplify technical collaboration and review.

Inline and formatting

All-new Box Notes gives organizations an intuitive common language for working together to achieve better results across a broader range of content collaboration activities including

  • marketing teams working and managing campaigns across internal teams and external agencies

  • sales teams co-editing sales plays, call scripts, and email templates

  • lab techs creating standard operating procedures manuals (SOPs)

  • human resources driving onboarding and performance evaluations

  • software engineers developing and reviewing code

Code block example

With the all-new Box Notes, we’re proving once again that Notes is where teams work together, securely and collaboratively, to achieve better results.

The all-new Box Notes is included in the core Box offering at no additional cost. To learn more, watch our all-new Box Notes video or read the datasheet.