Ideas to Oscars: Digital Transformation in Film is To Be Continued

Over the weekend, Hollywood celebrated the best in filmmaking. This year's Oscar nominees ranged from La La Land, a musical love story and ode to Los Angeles (earning a record-tying 14 nominations), to Moonlight, a groundbreaking story that reverberates with deep compassion and universal truths. Another heavily buzzed movie, Manchester By The Sea, has helped Amazon Studios make history by becoming the first streaming service to land a best picture Oscar nomination. This highlights the changing landscape of film and media and the role technology companies play in Hollywood these days.

While streaming has changed the way media is consumed, digital transformation is happening behind the scenes as well. Filmmakers rely on technology to help turn analog workflows, such as sharing music from La La Land between composer and director, into simple, digital experiences. In turn, the creators can focus on what matters most, turning their vision into a magical journey for audiences to cherish for years to come.

At the heart of every movie, collaboration plays a strong role and we're proud to power film studios like Legendary Entertainment to securely share ideas, scripts and ultimately find new ways to create the magic we all love in movies. Our role as technologists is to help get the stories out there that need to be told by providing story makers with the best tools to capture, produce and share their vision.

Speaking of vision, some of you may remember the story we did on The Dam Keeper a few years ago, when a team of 75 filmmakers, including animators, painters, musicians, production staff, an editor, and a sculptor, collaborated on Box to create an animated short that went on to receive an Academy Award nomination in the Best Animated Short Film category. The adventure continues as recently, we were thrilled to learn that The Dam Keeper is now being adapted into a full-length feature with 20th Century Fox. Hope to see them at the Oscars next year!

Learn more about Box at work in the media and entertainment industry, and enjoy the Oscars!