How to Empower App Users to Sign Box Documents Using Adobe Sign

Today, enterprise organizations are looking at many ways that digital technologies can replace legacy processes and help increase productivity and efficiency. One such transition is from manual signatures to e-signatures. It may seem like a simple step, but digitizing document signatures saves significant time and effort for both customers and employees.

The document signing process is traditionally cumbersome for all involved, requiring faxing, mailing, couriers, or even in-person office visits. Adobe Sign is a digital signature solution that enables apps to capture track-able, auditable e-signatures directly within an app or portal. And it takes only minutes to complete.

Adobe Sign provides a full set of robust APIs that interact with Box Platform APIs to provide a fast, secure signature process for documents stored within Box. Developers can design the best experience for their users and choose how to handle the document versions and storage.

Paul Paulauskas, Platform Solutions Engineer at Box, walks through a demo application built with Adobe Sign and Box Platform in the following video:

Paul originally presented this topic in a lightning talk at BoxDev @ BoxWorks 2016. If you missed this year’s event, see our BoxDev 2016 Recap On-demand Webinar, or learn more about Box Platform.