How Box leverages machine learning to help you get your work done

How Box leverages machine learning to help you get your work done

2020 brought about a dramatic shift to the digital world and workforce. Gone are the days of photocopying and paper-shredding. Now, organizations create terabytes of digital images, videos, and documents daily — and the more we create, the harder it is to keep track of it all.

Box is the Content Cloud: the one, secure place that provides structure for — and delivers insight on — all of your organization’s content. From PDFs to presentations, Box brings a unique level of intelligence to the information you care about. You can add metadata to your documents, preview your files, classify your folders, and so much more.

Artificial intelligence is built into a variety of our products, both making it easier for our customers to use our products, as well as delivering impactful customer experiences. At Box, our goal is to make your content work for you, so you can take ownership and make the right decisions at the right time.

How we’re leveraging AI at Box

At Box, we apply AI to achieve three main outcomes:.

1.To make you more productive. We use AI to make our Box products smarter for your ease of use and overall working efficiency. For example, when you open the Box web app, the Recents section will bring up the files and folders that you’ve been working on lately. This capability is powered by Box Graph, a technology that dynamically customizes the content presented to you based on your actions within Box, such as what you and your teammates have recently collaborated on. This gives Box the ability to proactively surface your most relevant content at the right time.

2.To ensure that your content is secure. It’s common that teams have certain workflows or processes that are currently completed manually, and it's just as common for those processes to be painstakingly monotonous. Box Shield uses ML to predict what kind of classification a document will require by utilizing Optical Character Recognition to extract the text and detect sensitive information. This helps Box classify the document appropriately, making the content more intelligent, relevant, and valuable.

3.To help keep our services performant and efficient. Consider Box Preview, Box’s ability to determine which files to convert for Preview for you. Using machine learning, we’re able to selectively convert documents to PDFs based on the likelihood that a user will open the document in Preview mode. This conserves storage capacity, which in turn allows us to continue offering unlimited storage in most Box plans. And if you do choose to open a document as a PDF? No problem. We’ll convert it on demand for you.

In conclusion

At Box, we use AI and ML to power much of the Box product experience, making it easier than ever for your organization to collaborate. We’re entrusted with protecting and enabling content for more than 100,000 organizations, and we know how important it is for our customers to deeply understand their content, their users, and sharing activity. We’re working hard to ensure that you and your teams have the right information about the right content at the right time.

To learn more about what’s to come, check out ourlatest content intelligence updates.