Fueling Box Sign momentum with new capabilities and integrations

Box Sign Momentum

Thousands of organizations — from small businesses to large multinational companies — have adopted Box Sign since its global rollout in November.

With unlimited, native signatures in the Box web app, our Box Sign customers digitized their paper-based signatures and formalized unofficial sign-offs (otherwise completed over email and chat) at no additional cost. What’s more, the seamless experience of having e-signatures right where their content lives allowed our customers to transition use cases from expensive, standalone e-sign tools to Box Sign. And in just two months’ time, Box Sign became a mainstay for executing employee, customer, and partner transactions, from new hire onboarding documents, to sales contracts, vendor agreements, and more. To round out an exciting year of product innovation, Box was named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 Vendor Assessment (1). 

Today, we’re thrilled to continue fueling this momentum with exciting product updates on multiple fronts:

  • Enhancements to support post-signature workflows natively in the Content Cloud
  • Broader API and SDK support to power e-signatures in third-party and custom apps
  • New and enhanced integrations with UiPath and SIGNiX 

Take action after you gather signatures

E-signature is just one step of a business process — and signed documents can often have special significance or contain sensitive information (like PII and financial data), needing additional actions to be taken. Expected to be available in the first half of 2022, our upcoming integration of Box Sign and Box Relay enables customers to trigger downstream workflows based on the document status in Box Sign. 

Box Sign Momentum

For instance, here are some actions that can be automated with the Sign-Relay integration:

  • Classify signed vendor agreements as confidential, and protect them with appropriate Box Shield security policies and/or folder permissions
  • Notify the recruiting team to take action ASAP when a candidate declines to sign an offer letter 
  • Automatically apply metadata templates to easily organize, search and manage customer contracts
  • Move internal, signed-off reports to folders with appropriate Box Governance retention policies for compliance audit purposes

We’re also making enhancements for signers, admins, and operations teams to help our customers drive a broader set of use cases at scale:

  • Available today, signers can upload and apply signature images for a more personalized signature. Organizations can also provide employees with official company stamps that they can upload and apply to sign on behalf of the company.
  • Available later this month, admins can create a custom electronic record and signing disclosure for all signers based on business needs and regional/industry requirements.
Box Sign Momentum
  • Available today, admins at highly security-conscious companies that use our Box Verified Enterprise (BVE) option can deploy Box Sign for internal and external e-signature use cases without any changes to their network security settings. 
  • Available today, operations teams (Legal Ops, Sales Ops, etc.), who typically create document templates, will be able to lock template fields, enabling them to standardize mission-critical agreements like NDAs and contracts across the organization while minimizing errors and reducing audit needs.

SDKs and APIs for developers

In addition to the Java SDK we released in November, we’ve since added more SDKs, including .NET, Python, Node, and iOS, so developers can work with Box Sign APIs in the language or environment of their choice. 

Box Sign Momentum

This empowers developers to build secure e-signature experiences into their in-house tools and custom integrations, as well as in their native mobile apps. For example, financial services firms can deliver a seamless e-signing experience on web and mobile in their custom client portals, including secure, SMS-based, two-factor authentication for signer verification. 

New third-party integrations

In addition to empowering customers, our robust set of APIs enables partners to easily build third-party integrations. 

  • UiPath, an industry leader for end-to-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA), already makes it easy for users and teams to leverage UiPath advanced technologies to automate processes that rely on files, data, or documents in Box. UiPath plans to add Box Sign to UiPath Integration Service to help customers orchestrate and accelerate complex enterprise workstreams like contract processing, HR onboarding, and sales operations, across different systems and applications.
  • SIGNiX is a new Box partner that has integrated its secure, remote online notarization platform with Box to enable our mutual customers to centralize and store SIGNiX-notarized content on Box. Available today, this capability allows customers to eliminate content silos by organizing and accessing documents that require notarization by law, such as commercial leases, mortgage documents, and legal affidavits in the Content Cloud. 

We are continuing to work on more third-party integrations with new partners as well as with our current integration ecosystem of over 1,500 partners.

“The expanded UiPath integration with Box enables enterprise organizations to easily begin or continue their enterprise automation journey, successfully mature and scale their automation initiatives, and refocus their workforce on business transformation. We’re proud to be partnering closely with Box to build integrations that help users improve productivity and get faster results at scale.”
- Param Kahlon, UiPath Chief Product Officer.

The flywheel effect of mass adoption, strong customer demand, and rapid innovation is resulting in incredible momentum with Box Sign. To learn more about Box Sign and see a live demo, join our upcoming webinar. If you’re a customer interested in a hands-on primer of Box Sign, check out our free 30-minute course, Getting Started with Box Sign.

1: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 Vendor Assessment, Doc # US46742320, September 2021.