Event Recap: Box Hack Day

As a part of BoxWorks 2016, we hosted the first ever Box Hack Day in partnership with Amazon Web Services. Held in San Francisco earlier this month, Box Hack Day brought together more than 220 developers to build enterprise apps leveraging Box Platform and Amazon Web Services and compete for more than $50,000 of Amazon Web Services credits. Developers also had access to several other technology partners, including SendGrid, Affectiva, Autodesk, Auth0, and Plaid to use in their projects.

Following introductory remarks from Box and Amazon Web Services, developers pitched their ideas, formed teams, and began coding away. Developers were also invited to attend an AWS Zombie Microservices Workshop to learn how to build applications leveraging microservices (like Box Platform and Twilio) with AWS Lambda and API Gateway. At the end of the hack, more than 30 projects were submitted, ranging from healthcare applications to business tools.

At the end of day one, five finalists were selected by a panel of judges to move onto Round Two. The five finalists were able to continue working on their projects for an additional day before presenting to a new panel of judges. Each of the finalists received $5,000 of AWS credits.

The top five finalists from Box Hack Day were:

  • Smart Questionnaire: Smart Questionnaire created an app to conduct facial recognition surveys. When patients are leaving the hospital, they are required to take surveys in regards to the service they received while in the hospital's care. Smart Questionnaire created a simple facial recognition survey using the Affectiva API and shares content using Box Platform based on the sentiment of the patient.
  • Lightbox Create: LightBox Create is a Google Chrome extension giving design agencies a streamlined way to quickly document, download, create, and share moodboard concepts between teams in clients. All assets are attributed and automatically saved in Box, using the API to display all assets.
  • Finalyze: Finalyze is a workflow tool for data scientists and business analysts, giving them the ability to go from raw datasets to published business intelligence reports in a matter of minutes. Finalyze features a natural language query interface over datasets, drag-and-drop machine learning tools, and beautiful visualizations.
  • HathWed: HathWed is a wedding planning portal for consumers to conveniently house all necessary information when trying to plan their wedding. Users can manage vendor information, share inspiration, and get notified of updates from their vendors. Vendors can share collateral, contracts, and other necessary documents with users.
  • Boxcare: Boxcare assists patients and nurses in phone-based nurse counseling. Boxcare uses Box Platform to give care providers the opportunity to build custom health program based on their individual disease or condition. Additionally, Boxcare uses Affectiva to create facial recognition for nurses to understand patient's facial responses during counseling and recommend content accordingly.

At the end of day two, a final winner was selected and announced during Jeetu Patel's Box Platform keynote. The winner of Box Hack Day, and the recipient of an additional $10,000 worth of AWS credits, is Boxcare. You can see the winning pitch video here.

You can see photos from Box Hack Day here:

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