Elevate Your Sales Career with Box: Growing Great Leaders

Box, Ellie Rollo

At Box, we believe in developing and investing in all employees. One way we empower sales and customer-facing Boxers to reach their full potential is through the Elevate program.Elevate provides a clear path for internal mobility and career progression while fostering growth, learning, and success.

A Framework for Success

Elevate provides a comprehensive framework that outlines the criteria and milestones required for advancement within sales. It provides clarity on what it takes to progress from one role to another, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the process. Additionally, the program offers training and enablement programs, mentorship initiatives, coaching sessions, and access to industry-leading resources.

Performance-Based Advancement

Advancement within the Elevate program is based on performance metrics aligned with individual roles' responsibilities, rather than tenure alone. By setting clear expectations tied directly to business outcomes like quota attainment or deal complexity, we ensure fair evaluation processes where top performers are recognized accordingly.

Focus on Leadership Skills & DE&I

As part of our commitment to growing great leaders at Box, the Elevate program places significant emphasis on cultivating leadership skills among our sales professionals. We recognize that effective leadership goes beyond achieving targets; it involves inspiring teams towards shared goals, while fostering collaboration and innovation.

Knowing that diverse teams drive better results, our commitment to DE&I extends into every aspect of employee development, including promotions through Elevate. We strive to build an inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, gain new skills, and take on new positions.

Boxer Spotlight: Ellie Miller (Rollo), Enterprise Account Executive

Over the course of 3 years and 3 months, Ellie has held various roles within the company, starting as a Small Medium Business Account Executive before transitioning to become a Mid Market Account Executive. Currently, she is excelling as an Enterprise Account Executive on the West Enterprise Sales team. During both promotion processes she participated in the Elevate program.

Ellie's journey through Box's Elevate program has been instrumental in her career growth. “I gained so much from Elevate! Not only did the program ramp up my knowledge to feel comfortable in my new positions, but I also was able to meet multiple Account Executives in the role I was joining who had tips on adapting to the new org and what to expect during the ramping period - they have remained close connections since.”

At Box, every member of our sales team plays an integral role in driving the company forward. As part of our commitment to growing great leaders, Elevate serves to provide clarity and opportunities for advancement, while fostering continuous learning and leadership development. Box truly grows great leaders!

For more information on how we grow great leaders at Box, check out this article on manager development.

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