Earth Day 2021: Our commitment to a more sustainable future

Earth Day 2021

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth’, and although Earth Day is just one day, it is critical that people and businesses alike work together to protect our planet 365 days of the year. At Box, we are committed to protecting our planet and building a better world for future generations. Left unchecked, climate change disrupts the global economy, our company, and our community. By leveraging the power of our people and products, we are able to operate sustainably and do our part to build a future where we can all thrive.

Here’s how we’re focusing our efforts to build a more sustainable future:

Our technology

We firmly believe technology innovation can help restore our planet. According to the United Nations, the planet is losing 4.7 million hectares of forest every year. To put this into perspective, this is about 2.5 million soccer fields. Cloud technology empowers organizations to do away with unnecessary paper processes. Not only does this help our planet, but this also allows employees to work more efficiently. A win-win. These efficiencies were a key factor at the Boston Planning & Development Agency, when they made the decision to shift to the Box Content Cloud. By switching to the cloud, the company was able to eliminate laborious paper-based processes that impeded on their ability to deliver services to citizens, and ultimately enabled the company to cut content duplication by 40%.

This past year, organizations around the world learned that with the right technology in place, remote work is possible. As workers begin to make their way back into the office, we need to reimagine how we work, and adopt more sustainable practices.

Our workplace and workforce

At Box, our goal is to achieve operational suitability in our offices around the world, which is what inspired us to build a LEED Gold certified HQ and adopt sustainable workplace practices. We are also inspired by the Boxers around the world who participate in Box’s ‘Green Team’ Employee Interest Community and have taken the charge leading important companywide efforts to make Box a more sustainable workforce. This month alone, the team has hosted panels on the Future of Food and Clean Technology, as well as participating in the annual spring clean-up in Redwood City, and other participating cities around the world.

There is so much more to be done, but we believe that if we all do our part and ‘be an owner’, we can protect our world for future generations. If you’d like to hear more about Box’s approach to sustainability, you can learn more here.