Congratulations to our Box 2018 Customer Awards Winners!

2018 Box Customer Award Winners

Innovative companies around the world have been partnering with Box to transform their workplace and their business. We are happy to recognize some of the most sophisticated customers we work with in our annual Customer Awards at BoxWorks. 

This year, we honored our Customer Awards finalists before the event, and Jon Herstein, SVP of Customer Success, announced the Box 2018 Customer Awards winners on Day 2 of BoxWorks: 

"The Orchestration Award" recognizes customers that have leveraged Box to make the biggest impact on internal processes and tools to boost collaboration and content management through cloud platforms. 

The winner of "The Orchestration Award"is NASA. Space travel planning is hard but at least the collaboration piece was made easy with Box. The NASA Team has deployed Box in such a way that their cross-functional organizations from ground support facilities, to equipment, to mission planners, to flight engineers and to mission control are able to seamlessly work on mission-critical content together. 


"The Creative Destruction Award" recognizes customers with the most innovative improvement on how business is conducted with customers, partners or other third parties, including new business opportunities, products or services. 

The winner of "The Creative Destruction Award" is Intuit. Intuit consistently manages to blow Box's mind with the ways they use not only our product, but other best-of-breed tools to provide incredible experiences for their employees. The Tech 4 Intuit team works to utilize their IT stack to create streamlined and secure processes across the business, and positively challenges Box to think about new ways to power the way its customers work. They do all of this while continuing to support their own amazing products and build a fantastic culture in which to work, as well as work with.


Last but certainly not least, "The Digital Transformation Award" celebrates IT teams that have led broad adoption of new technologies and digital capabilities to transform the business model. 

The winner of "The Digital Transformation Award" is Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has successfully leveraged Box to aid in the creative process for TV, films and digital media by using Box as a content layer and collaboration platform for sharing and storing artifacts such as creative material, contracts and production release content. 

Warner Bros

Congratulations to all our Box 2018 Customer Awards winners. We are proud to be a part of your digital transformation journey and look forward to the ways you will change your organization and your industry.