Cloud trends uncovered in Okta's Businesses at Work report

Welcome to the cloud. Whether you're just joining the revolution, or you've been up here for a while, you're probably aware that there's a huge array of cloud apps and services to help users stay productive.

As a leading provider of identity and mobility management for the enterprise, Okta works with many cloud-forward organizations to help their employees, contractors, partners and customers log in to devices, apps and services, and leverage security features to protect their sensitive data. To make sense of how organizations and people work, Okta recently published their third Businesses at Work report.

In Okta's words, the Businesses at Work report is "an in-depth look into how organizations and people work today—exploring employees, partners, contractors and customers, and the apps and services they use to be productive."

The report visualizes data representing Okta's customers, the apps they use, the most popular apps on their mobile devices, and even top apps by political leaning.

Today, more than 80% of Okta's customers access apps via their mobile device. We're excited to see Box in the third position in the chart below, showing the most popular mobile apps accessed by Okta customers:

This is just a taste of the insights in the Okta Businesses at Work report. Check out the full Businesses at Work report for more!